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Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

In this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q & A we and Hannah Martin out of Intrepid-Introvert speak. We learn about the way this New Zealander created a nomadic life for themself (and how you can possibly do it too). Take a look at where she is going to second and a number of her favourite destinations!


How did your passion for travel begin?

Ever since I was young I always knew travel would be a huge portion of my life. I’d dream of far off places and landscapes. I moved off on my major trip, when I was 21 – it had been to Vietnam; month traveling through the nation for 1. I loved every moment of it! I didn’t wanna go home after this month was up.  

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

Just how are you traveling in any given calendar year? Which are the sorts of places?

I have been traveling around 10 weeks of this year for 3 years.

What is it that you need audiences to achieve / learn from your work videos and photography?

I like to see places with incredible scenery. Or more compact towns with chill vibes but still lots to do.  


My objective is to aid introverts feel empowered. I’m introverted and it took some time for me to accept myself. There seemed to be a negative connotation. I thought I’d never be successful and I was super shy and awkward (still am occasionally haha). Traveling and going out has let me become confident with who I really am. So I need introverts that are in the exact same boat I was in, to find that something that gives them confidence and begin.

Give us the’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a mini-guide or to-do list of sorts (could be anything Such as you favorite Resort, best place to Get lunch, sightsee, etc)

Canada, Portugal, Montenegro 

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

How many nations have you visited so far?


Your top three favourite restaurants?

I think its about 32!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

Favorite restaurant on earth?

Back in Lamai, Koh Samui (Thailand) there’s this tiny little restaurant around the side of the street that does the very best thai curries for like $2.50.

Your favourite travel movie?

Favorite international airport?

Into the Wild and The Good Year 

City with the most friendly people?

Doha, and Changi (Singapore).

Your favorite traveling companion?

Killarney, Ireland & Medellin, Colombia (it Is a tie)

When traveling, Finest method you kill time?

What is the most exotic place you have been taken by your livelihood?

My boyfraaand – Nate

Your best piece of travel advice for someone who is about to set out on a lifetime of travel?

Working and audio books

What are without?

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Oooh umm, Taiwan.

Your favourite travel quotation?

If you’re traveling with someone, be sure they. Traveling with the wrong person has the ability to break relationships and majorly impact the fun you can have in your trip…. Gosh that sounded serious haha.

I visit you lately visited Taiwan. What was surprising about the nation?

Camera, pc, phone, headphones (this type of thing ).

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

Where to next?


“A mind That’s stretched by a new experience can never Return to its old dimensions”- Oliver Wendell Holmes

That it is super in the Southern Region! Warm weather and beautiful beaches has been for a surprise!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert

Visiting London after Which Prague for Christmas????

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert


Hannah is a self proclaimed introvert and Accounting Graduate who out of University realised the office life just wasn’t for her. Packing her bags and jump onto a plane, she has now been traveling the globe . She made Intrepid Introvert as a means to document her journeys and life on the street as an introvert, and also to ultimately inspire their confidence to be found by introverts. She is a travel blogger, freelancer, minimalist nomad, and has been assisting several others accomplish a lifestyle that is similar to her own.

You can follow Hannah over on her:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Hannah Martin of All Intrepid Introvert


Facebook & Instagram

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VIDEO: Turkey’s Most Unique Hotels: A Stay at the Aydinli Cave House Hotel

David’s Been This is currently in Cappadocia, Turkey, touring around all of the websites and accommodation that is best in the region. This David presents among the remains of the country in the Aydinli Cave Hotel. Situated in Goreme, Cappadocia’s fundamental part, this hotel is really a 5-minute walk from 15-minute drive from most significant attractions and also town’s middle. Built right into the system, this hotel has a stunning inside that remains cool in the summer and hot in the winter.

VIDEO: Turkey

With plenty of activities to do in and about the region, there will be a 3 days the quantity of time to spend in this corner of Turkey.

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VIDEO: Spain’s Gourmet Tapas in Ziryab Restaurant, Cordoba

David’s Been Here is at the Andalusia region of Spain, searching for all of the best dining experiences in the city of Cordoba. Here David visits Ziryab Restaurant, one of the gourmet institutions. Open because 2009, this elegant restaurant specializes in highend tapas with prices. An unforgettable experience for the both the eyes in addition to the taste buds, locate Ziryab Restaurant (and most of the best dining areas of town ) in the David’s Been Here Guide to Cordoba, now available for your Kindle also.

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Things I’ve Learned Traveling for Your Last Four Decades

Four years ago I began my baby, my life! Like most young entrepreneurs, I had high hopes and aspirations about where my love of travel would take me and how far it would go. Four years later, in April of 2012, I truly began to appreciate all that I had done and everywhere I had been. I began a company one year before a crippling economic crisis hit the United States. In a nutshell: there have been some less-than favorable times for Thankfully, with perseverance and a travel bug that doesn’t seem to die, I’m still packing my bags and heading to the airport every couple of months.

Here is a video I made for all my fans:

Things I

The four truths of these last four years:

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You meet a lot of people in my line of work, A LOT! Restaurant and hotel owners, tourism board staff, fellow travel vloggers, and the list goes on. Forty-four countries and 550+ cities have shown me that people have more in common than some of us may like to believe.

Things I

A vegetable grower in an African market is no different from the Maltese millionaire five-star hotel owner. It is important to treat everyone you encounter with respect. I believe that what kindness is shown to you is in direct proportion to the kindness that you put out there first. I’m not saying that you have to be a tree hugging push-over, but if you’re thinking about traveling you must be respectful of other peoples’ cultures, customs, and personalities.

Things I

2. Double Check and Check Again

You know that sickening feeling you get when you are standing in line at the airport and you’re missing something? Or worse, you’ve arrived at your destination and your camera doesn’t work. It’s the universe’s (painful) way of letting you know that you should always have a backup plan. It’s happened to all of us. My camera lens wouldn’t open while I was in El Salvador, my laptop was stolen in Morocco and I have actually booked flights back home for the wrong dates.

Another frightening scenario would be if someone purposely put something illegal in your bag. That is why (and I’m just repeating your mother’s advice right now) you should always keep a close eye on your personal items, especially in airports

3. Pace Yourself

Some people go to Rome for 3 days, then head off to Paris for 4. This is completely the opposite of what I do and something I would never recommend to a beginner or seasoned traveler.

Yes, the big cities of Europe are incredible, but there is so much more out there than that! If your time (and budget) allows, take as many day trips as possible. Buy a map and rent a car, or hop on a train. It’s important to experience other parts of a country, not just major cities.

Things I

Some travel trends I have been noticing are wine tourism and eco-tourism, agricultural tourism.

It’s becoming the norm for travelers to visit smaller, rural towns that exist beyond the bustling cities. Plus, the smaller, lesser-known towns are unquestionably cheaper to sleep and eat in. But, however you decide to travel remember to pace yourself. I get really excited for every trip, but I have realized that a 20-day trip is more fulfilling than a 60-day one.

4. Think Big

This may be the most valuable realization I have had since beginning my company.

Thinking big is not about how many guides I sell or places I visit, it’s a mentality.

Thinking in the long-term has helped me prioritize my work and family life, budget my finances better and keep my long-time goals in sight. I never set out to do this temporarily. I began to travel because I love sharing travel advice with other travel lovers. If you’re long-term goals are crystal clear and you have a passion as strong as mine, your business is already halfway there to being successful.

I hope these learned lessons give at least a shred of hope or advice to anybody who has ever tried to start their own business or master the art of traveling. Now, let’s see what lessons the next four years bring..

Things I

I would like to give a very special thanks to my sponsor, ScotteVest Travel Clothing.

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VIDEO: The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Bulgaria

VIDEO: The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Bulgaria

David’s Been Here is currently touring all of the top sites and have to see with attractions in Central Bulgaria. In this video, David requires 35 minutes to us into the small town of Kazanlak away from the town of Stara Zagora. Home to the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, this UNESCO World Heritage Website provides us an incredible glimpse into their ancient Thracian civilization’s belief systems and dates back to the 4th century BC. From the depictions of the afterlife into the brickwork that is magnificent in the ceiling murals of the tomb, the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is just one of Bulgaria’s very unique and intriguing sites .

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Attractions in Fremantle

Fremantle in Western Australia’s harbor city is currently seeing an explosion in the amount of local and worldwide visitors because of its tradition food arena, and family-friendly attractions. The city, which will be known by natives as Freo, has something for everyone.

So whether you need to enjoy a view of the shore, or are looking for a exceptional dining experience, Freo has got you covered. We’ve teamed up with some Freo locals at Be. Fremantle Serviced Apartments to give us the lowdown on the top attractions in Freo for vacationers…

The Mantle

This heart is home to multiple restaurants, a working room, an Italian pizzeria, and a cocktail bar. It’s set inside a warehouse that is located beside Fremantle’s port. The warehouse was changed with the use of repurposed constructions to make it the perfect location for your community to collect, enjoy food, and celebrate occasions. Try out the Italian pizza or possess a taste of those epic dishes out of Don Tapa which combine traditional flavours to get the very best adventure and regional inspirations together.

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is the oldest surviving building in Western Australia which was constructed as a gaol in 1831, and was used until 1886 to home locals convicted of a crime. Before it was used as a storage facility for Ports it was afterwards used as a home for the Water Police, then as a Police Lock-up from the 1890s. The building was saved from the 1920s from a threat of demolition, and possession was finally transferred into the Town of Fremantle. This engineering milestone, which has a commanding view of the Indian Ocean, has since become a tourist attraction which makes it possible for people to see the firing of the renowned cannon of this prison, research the tissues, and also see the first milestone walls. From mid-morning to mid-afternoon to supply a history of their building tour guides are present at the website.

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is a busy working port for sailors, which also houses world-class restaurants that serve fresh seafood, steaks, and seasonal produce. The harbour is a popular destination for both locals and vacationers who love this hub’s laid-back atmosphere. You will get the opportunity to sightseeing tours of the Bon Scott Statue — out of activities like jet boating, to encounter everything from Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.  Additionally, there are currently sailing tours and a brief stay accommodation available from the harbour.

Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC)

There’s sure to be a concert or event going on when you go to the Fremantle Arts Centre, that is housed in a Gothic-style building on Ord Street Fremantle. The venue offers a cultural program of art courses, displays that are absolutely free, and audio. FAC showcases a variety of art by artists practicing nationally, and internationally. FAC is likewise an important heritage site before being transformed into a arts support, since it functioned in 1864. Thousands of tourists flock to FAC through the summer where local performers and talents perform to see outside concerts.

Fremantle Markets

Attractions in Fremantle

This can be an indoor market with the distinctive atmosphere of more than 1 century of rich heritage and culture. Step in the current market, and you could hear the coming of carts out of yesteryear carrying fresh produce such as meats and vegetables. The market, that has been active since 1897, has been split into two segments — The Yard where it is possible to purchase food like vegetables and fish, and the Historic Hall which emphasizes locally made merchants.

When you are finished buying products from the current market, research the Fremantle Market Heritage Path behind it to get a walking tour of this architecture from the early decades of the port city.

Attractions in Fremantle

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VIDEO: The Greatest Hotels in Athens, Greece

David’s Been Here is in the funding of Athens, vacationing around of the sites and finest accommodation of Greek. Here David introduces a video into the Ava Hotel & Suites, a modern stay right in the heart of Athens’ Plaka District. With amazing views of the Acropolis 15 Suites and touches through the hotel, a stay in this Athens preferred is essential. Stick around to their Greek night that is memorable to find a local experience or just sit back and enjoy the ceremony .

If you enjoyed this post, then you’ll LOVE of the information we have included the Best of Athens, in our guidebook.

Have you been to Athens or intending on moving? Tell us about it! Please make us a query or comment below.

All activities were sponsored by That can be Athens. All opinions are our own.

VIDEO: The Greatest Hotels in Athens, Greece

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VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

Miami is known for it’s Latin American food, however we have a great deal of Indian Restaurants all over town. I headed into North Miami Beach to try out some hot and sweet Indian food.

VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

We visited Kebab Indian Restaurant on 167th Road.

VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

A buffet style dinner, that is not uncommon in restaurants in South Florida is served by them. I tried some Butter Chicken, Chicken Tandoori, Bhujia, Dal, Goat Vindaloo and Rice Pudding. Everything was wonderful however the stand out was the Butter Chicken!

Next we head down the street to B Bar Indian Restaurant, which also served buffet style lunch. Each dish was presented by the director DJ . We had Padilla, a Batatat Vada, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Chilly and Spicy Goat Curry. They were all delicious!

Finally we crossed the bridge into Sunny Isles to visit with Copper Chimney Indian Restaurant.

VIDEO: Sweet and Spicy Indian Food Tour of North Miami Beach

This restaurant serves a variety of different dishes from around India and is more upscale. I had! It’s sweet, spicy and yummy!

This was a tasty sweet and spicy food tour of North Miami Beach. Did you love the movie?  Remark below, if you want the movie please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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VIDEO: Playing with Iguanas at Guayaquil, Ecuador: Visiting with Iguana Park

David’s Been This is in the city of Guayaquil, where David and crew are in search of the top attractions of the area and finest local hangouts of Ecuador. This a movie is presented by David to Parque Seminario known as Iguana Park. Where tourists and locals come to hang out and relax, you may enjoy the park’s green surroundings, cool atmosphere, and local wildlife. Find squirrels, turtles and birds in this particular park… and obviously – iguanas. Pick them up, nourish them, show them off for your buddies, but be cautious, they might jump on you! Head to Guayaquil’s Iguana Park to a relaxed an reptilian experience that was unforgettable and afternoon. To learn more on visiting all the top websites of the area and this, check out the David’s Been Here Guide to Guayaquil available for your Kindle.


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Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

In the Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A I interview fellow traveler and my buddy of today Brian Cox AKA The Travel Vlogger. Brian hosts and produces some movies with his DSLR and Drone. He is vlogged in Malaysia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Colombia, the Canary Islands and past. Watch how he intends to inspire us one video at one time. Plus, take a look at his amazing Top 10 Things to Do in Murcia installment under!


How did your passion for travel get started?

That’s difficult to state, I traveled a little for a child but it wasn’t until I did a semester abroad in Australia that I realized that my life’s main focus would be traveling.  I was about seeing as many places as I could when I was younger.  Now I always need to spend more time.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Exactly how many days/weeks are you traveling in any given year? Which are the sorts of places would you like to see? 

What is it that you need viewers to gain/ learn from your work?  

Every year on average I’m away from home between 4-6 months from the year.  Broken down to excursions of 2-4 months long.  Recently I have enjoyed seeing with more settings, from less known destinations.  The Concept of seeing a place appeals to me more and more.  

Name your top three destinations you have traveled? 

More than anything, I need to motivate people to traveling.  Proceed out their comfort zone and find out about other cultures first hand.  My movies are brief and concise, I wish to discuss my favourite facets of a destination…attractions, culture & adventure. 

Give us the’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a mini-guide or Even to-do Listing of Types

#1  The next place

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

How many nations have you seen so far? 

#2  Barcelona

Your top three favourite restaurants?  

#3  Costa Rica

Favourite restaurant in the world?  


Your favourite travel film?  

Barcelona (Summer)

Favourite global airport?

#1 Beaches

City Using the friendliest people?

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

#2 Parks

Your favorite traveling companion?

#3 Viewpoints

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Best way you kill time when traveling? 

#4: Tapas/Menu del dia lunch

What is the most exotic place your career has chosen you?

#5 Nightlife

Your very best piece of travel suggestions for somebody who’s going to set out on a lifetime of travel?  

Costa Rica

Which are 4 things you can never travel without?

#1 Surfing

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

What is the ultimate dream destination? 

#2 Explore Rainforest

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Your favourite travel quote? 

#3 Watch Turtles hatch

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Where to next?  

#4 Zip line

A lot of your movies are lovely shot. How do you can make them without a team?

#5 Quad tour 


Not Simple. 

I will just proceed.  Spanish/Mediterranean, both Mexican and Barbecue.

Way too many to cite.  Food has gotten so great that the places for me would be the person with views.

The first half of The Beach using Leonardo DiCaprio is totally stunning.  Additionally, The Endless Summer is really a classic.

Frankly, I believe of the airport because a large waiting area.  Airports with a lot of electric sockets are my favourite, and completely free wifi!

All cities.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

A person who is open minded, cheerful, loves to meet people and research.

Editing videos, I always have photographs and videos that will need to be shared and edited on media.

That’s difficult.  As I have traveled, a lot has changed.  In the past year I have been to the Czech Republic, South Africa and Turkey.   

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Just go!

Panties, sunglasses, camera and flip flops.


“Not until We’re lost do we Start to understand ourselves” -Thoreau

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Not sure.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Brian Cox The Travel Vlogger

Possibly snowboarding in Turkey the rockies and Czech Republic.