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VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

In this episode, David shows us the 5 steps to take in South Beach, Miami, Florida. This can be World-Famous South Beach, also Called SOBE! Everybody knows South Beach is the location for shopping, nightlife, dining, and even kicking back on the beach.

South Beach is home to a range of stores, clubs, restaurants, and world- class resorts — a mecca for travelers in need of a few R&R, or even to escape the chilly weather.

Now I’m going to demonstrate to you the five steps to take in South Beach. We’ll be visiting South Pointe Beach just one of my favorite lunch places, then visit Lincoln Road, and wrap up the day at the one and only Joes Stone Crab.

To start we’re hitting on the sand at South Pointe, home to some of the most expensive luxury and the southernmost point of South Beach condo buildings in Miami.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

The pier Is Still a South Beach landmark and the Ideal Place to Check out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Let’s have a better look.

Up is the iconic road which runs parallel to the coast from 1st road of Sobe, Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is all about the Art Deco structures!

You will detect Gianni Versace’s old mansion while strolling on Ocean Drive. He was gunned down in front of the house in 1997.

When hunger strikes I urge a lunch at Taquiza on Collins Avenue and street. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, which means every cuisine is readily available. It just so happens I’m craving Mexican!

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

Lincoln Road is just another must-do in South Beach. This pedestrian-only promenade is lines with pubs, restaurants, and shops and a mile. Here you will find all of the big name shops, as well as sidewalk cafes that are excellent for people watching.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

Following your day at South Beach you should treat yourself a restaurant with over a hundred years experience in serving the freshest Florida seafood up. No trip to South Beach is complete without having a stone crab feast. Joes is open through May.

And there you’ve got my list of top five things to do in South Beach.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

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