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VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

In this episode, David shows us the 5 steps to take in South Beach, Miami, Florida. This can be World-Famous South Beach, also Called SOBE! Everybody knows South Beach is the location for shopping, nightlife, dining, and even kicking back on the beach.

South Beach is home to a range of stores, clubs, restaurants, and world- class resorts — a mecca for travelers in need of a few R&R, or even to escape the chilly weather.

Now I’m going to demonstrate to you the five steps to take in South Beach. We’ll be visiting South Pointe Beach just one of my favorite lunch places, then visit Lincoln Road, and wrap up the day at the one and only Joes Stone Crab.

To start we’re hitting on the sand at South Pointe, home to some of the most expensive luxury and the southernmost point of South Beach condo buildings in Miami.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

The pier Is Still a South Beach landmark and the Ideal Place to Check out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Let’s have a better look.

Up is the iconic road which runs parallel to the coast from 1st road of Sobe, Ocean Drive. Ocean Drive is all about the Art Deco structures!

You will detect Gianni Versace’s old mansion while strolling on Ocean Drive. He was gunned down in front of the house in 1997.

When hunger strikes I urge a lunch at Taquiza on Collins Avenue and street. Miami is a melting pot of cultures, which means every cuisine is readily available. It just so happens I’m craving Mexican!

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

Lincoln Road is just another must-do in South Beach. This pedestrian-only promenade is lines with pubs, restaurants, and shops and a mile. Here you will find all of the big name shops, as well as sidewalk cafes that are excellent for people watching.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

Following your day at South Beach you should treat yourself a restaurant with over a hundred years experience in serving the freshest Florida seafood up. No trip to South Beach is complete without having a stone crab feast. Joes is open through May.

And there you’ve got my list of top five things to do in South Beach.

VIDEO: 5 Things to Do in South Beach

Thank You for watching!

Please consult with my station here and take a look at my additional traveling episodes.

Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.

Full disclosure: I was given two new flavors by SoBe and paid to make this Movie #ad #sponsored

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VIDEO: Mexico’s Paradise: Playa del Carmen

VIDEO: Mexico

Davidsbeenhere Playa del Carmen, the Riviera Maya’s top tourist and cultural destination. With a few of Mexico’s best beaches as well as proximity to the historical Mayan ruins, this modern metropolis has something for everyone. Follow Davidsbeenhere since it takes you through remains, restaurants, actions and the very best websites in Playa, by the strip to its gems. Try out some award-winning, authentic Mayan cuisine, visit the infamous ruins, invest a day (or month) at the beach, and allow the DBH Guide: Riviera Maya assist you make the most from your stay in Playa del Carmen.

VIDEO: Mexico

All actions were sponsored by Riviera Maya Tourism. All comments are our own.

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Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

African safari vacations now include more than 40 percent of the world luxury travel market for travellers above 50 according to a recent report.

South Africa

That is an amazing stat considering the areas of the world.


The one thing which sets Africa naturally are the critters. When you and luxury safari lodges mix creatures and settings, you have a recipe for vacation achievement.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday


Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday


The challenge yet as the very first time safari traveler would be”where to move?”


Don’t forget to check out JetSet LifeStyle Blog!

Africa includes a seemingly infinite selection of conservation areas and game reserves. Additionally, there are shore activities and adventures.

So where to start?

We asked the experts at for their advice and this is what they had to say…

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

I’ll start with saying that definitely the recommended and most popular country for first timers is South Africa.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

No country offers more variety and value.

Depending on your needs results may vary this guide can answer your questions.

In the event you desire an experience and desire more than wildlife just, South Africa is the destination for you.

No country boasts more beauty than just one located in the southern most tip of the African country.

Cape Town lays nestled between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with All the majestic Table Mountain in the background.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

It’s frequently voted in the Top 10 Most Wonderful Cities Worldwide.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

Here you’ll enjoy a variety of adventures including pristine beaches — you can swim with penguins at Boulders –, world-class wine property, shark cage diving, whale viewing cuisine and tours from restaurants.

Outside Cape Town is located a town called Franschhoek and you’ll think youescaped to Europe and’ve left the country.

This town provides an ideal escape from the experiences of Cape Town.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

This is a must-see for you personally if you enjoy luxury resorts, great meals and wine that is magnificent. Outdoor fans will enjoy the hiking and mountain biking trails, horse riding and adrenaline activities.

A typical 4-5 day Cape Town remain, the destination which follows is Your Kruger Park.

This is where your wildlife animal safari begins.

The Kruger Park is now home to more than 140 big mammal species — even the most in Africa — such as the sought after Big Five. (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino)

Together with over 240 species that is resident the Kruger boasts more than 500 bird species, Additionally. This is a fans fantasy destination.

What makes even more stand out is that the wide range of quality cuisine and lodging.

All countries have exceptional wildlife adventures, in regards to lodging and cuisine but the lodges of this Kruger go the extra step.

I am speaking, although there are exceptions of course.

The typical stay in the Kruger Park can also be 4-5 nights.

Zambia creates our # 2 since the Victoria Falls Region is popular although this can take lots of people.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

Zambia provides wildlife encounters without the large costs of destinations such as Tanzania or Kenya.

The Victoria Falls is most often combined with a vacation that includes The Kruger and The Cape.

Guests typically spend 3 nights in the Victoria Falls area, which is situated on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall and a really breathtaking sight to behold.

The area offers an abundance such as river cruises , tiger fishing, bungee jumping, white water rafting, sunset cruises and adventures.

Botswana is a destination for a luxurious safari thanks to the Okavango Delta.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

Lodges are located along the waterways and inlets of the Delta where animals roam the days heat, to escape.

You encounter safaris that are unique here like a mokoro safari, which can be a dug-out canoe encounter.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

An experienced guide takes you and the close proximity to both animals supplies captivating photographic opportunities.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

The recommended average remain in the Okovango Delta is 4 nights.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

The Chobe reserve is yet another favorite destination in Botswana, home to more than 50,000 elephants and the Big Five.

Tanzania is home to the Great Animal Migration and one of the most popular destinations in Africa.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

The Great Migration is a constant movement of at least two million animals round the Greater Serengeti.

The 1.4 million wildebeest and gazelle obey the rains looking for grazing pastures, and the predators such as Lion and hyena then follow them.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

I recommend a tented safari encounter if you want to see the Great Migration.

The Migration is followed by Even the luxury-tented camps and offer a more intimate encounter.

The lodges on the other hand can turn out to be very active during calving season. You will enjoy the encounter if you do not mind folks.

As the animals move through its boundaries kenya appreciates the expertise of the Great Migration.

The country is possibly understood because of individuals as well as its Masai Mara area.

If you are looking for a traditional or historic encounter, Kenya has lots of options for you.

In the event you desire an 1920-s design safari or an”Out of Africa” experience then you have found it.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

As stated Kenya is passed through by The terrific Migration safaris and wildife sightings are very good and in addition they have the Big Five.

Top 5 Countries for an African Safari Holiday

If you are a first timer to Africa then I urge Cape Town, Kruger Park and Victoria Falls. If you’d like a luxury experience I recommend The Okavango Delta in Botswana. If you want to find countless animals and nature in its rawest form, Tanzania is recommended by me.


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Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

You Have traveled extensively for the Series, Wonderful Adventures Of A No One.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

When did you understand that journey should be more about human connection than other things?

My journey across America about $5 per day, which I predicted Wonderful Adventures of a Nobody, really educated me that traveling is the school of life. I have learned in my journeys. It’s so important that I see you and who you see me, which I hear you and you listen to me. For some reason, it required me traveling around America about $ 5 per day quitting my job and relying on the kindness of strangers to kind of cement that in my spirit. That connection is the most powerful thing we have. Many people don’t think about that, as though it is not important but I found that truly, the most important issue is to be noticed.

In your recent book, The Kindness Diaries,you speak about the fictitious connectivity we believe in our everyday worlds. How do travel help us fight this? Any strategies to help us link to what’s important?

I find they’re not connecting with each other and that when I come home I find people in their telephones. They think they are: Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagramming. There’s nothing wrong but to me, authentic link is face to face. True link is me with a conversation with youpersonally; I being seen by you, me seeing you. I remember this clearly, I came back from a trip I was on in Oman from the Middle East, and that I understood how individuals were correlated, meaning on iPhones, along with iPads and computers and all this kind of stuff. And yet they seemed a lot more happy.

What do you want other people to gain from the epic global adventure on a yellow bicycle from Los Angeles, around the United States, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, and back to L.A. again?

I came home and I watched everyone on her or his telephone, and that I had an epiphany: I’m likely to proceed on a detox that was connectivity. I turned off my phone, I turned off my computer and I began to join with my own friends, with my family, together with strangers without the usage of phones. What I understood was that true connectivity isn’t about the phones; it is face to face. It’s really not about traveling; it is about life.

What has the Salman Rushdie quote,”To understand only one life, you must swallow the world” meant to you?

Switch off your mobile cell phone! Make an effort to a day! That’s my tip: for just one period, turn your phone off. I assure you, you’ll feel a bit nervous and stressed out. However, after a while, there.

Name your 3 favorite places you’ve traveled to on solely human kindness? 

What I would ultimately want individuals to gain from my journey across the world is that everyone is able to live their fantasy. I say that because, as a kid and as a young adult, I followed other people’s dreams. I was employed as a broker and that I was doing things that I believed other people wanted me to perform. I didn’t have the guts to really go out there and create my own life. One afternoon , I watched the film The Motorcycle Diaries, which truly inspired me, and that I had an epiphany and I understood that if he (Ché Guevara) can do this and he could go out and live the life that he wanted to live, than so could I. If he can live his fantasy in the film, than so can I. And if I could live my dream, that is to travel around across the world and join with people, bring it back and share it, than so will you.

Give us your Top 5 listing for one of these destinations such as a travel guide of sorts. (can be anything- a landmark, bar, playground, etc)

It’s pretty profound to me and it basically goes back to the matter of connection. Many of us are still an island, but the fact is no person is an island, we’re all one. And all of these different cultures are experienced by you and when you go out to the world, you understand that, yes, on one level we are all different. But we are all the exact same. You have you have. You have all these different personalities and each of these different experiences, yet they are all one and therefore, for me personally, is exactly what Salman Rushdie is talking about. You venture out, the world is experienced by you and you experience other people’s lives along with your own life.

Your favorite traveling film?

The first one is America. I think there is a feeling of spirit in this country that profound. There’s good in people’s hearts and multiple occasions’ve traveled all and I really feel it I’m on the road, I believe the goodness.

Your favorite traveling companion (when not independently )?

I’d say Bhutan, which is a little country to the northern shore of India. They got this thing called gross domestic happiness, in which the success of the country is decided, not depending on how much money people make but on how happy they have been, and that I felt that this feeling of joie de vivre that they have inside their spirits. They’re so joyful and happy and they have been tremendously kind to me.

Favorite global airline?

Another location is India. It’s a smorgasbord of culture and colors and sounds and deep within their spirits, the Indians really are a great people and I got so much kindness from folks who had nothing. When I was in India, I thought to myself,”I do not know if I’m likely in order to try it, these individuals don’t possess a lot.” However, I understood they have a great deal within their hearts.

Country with the kindest Individuals?

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

I’m likely to pick America; I know it is a big area, but I have made it my home and I have traveled probably extensively in America than I have anywhere else on the planet. All these are in no particular order.

Best way to pass the time when traveling?

I’m a real history buff so I’d state the number one place to visit will be Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. in which Lincoln was assassinated. After that you can go to the home where he really died and you are able to go into the room and the bed can be seen by you and it is a moving experience to observe the history of America basically unfolding before your eyes.

Most exotic location your livelihood has taken you? 

Los Angeles, where I reside; I still love LA! There’s beautiful weather, fever always 72°… well, sometimes much more! When you grow up in England and it is always raining, LA has this magical draw. The ocean is nearby, the mountains are nearby, there is great nightlife. If you visit America, try to make a pit stop at LA..

What are the a few things you could never travel without?

The place would be a road trip. You’d really get the essence of this country, specifically, if you can do a road trip around America. I have found people in the Midwest to be among the most genuine people you are able to meet.

Your favorite traveling quotation?

Number four: Las Vegas.

Only for two or three nights, 2 weeks. You can not visit America. It’s a crazy place however, as they state, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… but don’t get too sexy!

What are a few ways that all people may travel more conscientiously, even if we choose to cover our own way?

I’d say number five would be Times Square. Yes, Times Square looks like the middle of capitalism: you’ve got what and all these billboards, but it is such an location. You go there and you feel energized. It’s one of my favorite areas. My first journey was began by me in Times Square and traveled all the way to the Hollywood sign. However, Times Square has this energy about it.

What do we expect from the upcoming show, The Kind Way About ?

Well, this can be an easy one. The Motorcycle Diaries. It’s a romanticized version of Ché Guevara traveling cross South America relying entirely on the kindness of strangers. I watched that when I was a broker in London, entirely uninspired with lifetime disconnected and really, to be really miserable. I watched this film and Ché’s father wanted him to become a doctor and he didn’t wish to be, he wanted to travel across the entire world. He chose a break up with his father and he traveled over South America and that then he met all these people and he inspired them and was inspired by them and it showed me that he had this feeling of freedom and intent. Again, even a version of the man but it was such a movie to me. It prompted me to believe in myself and believe that anything can be possible. From that minute on, my entire life changed. If you want to feel a feeling of liberty and a feeling that anything’s possible, I’d suggest watching that film.

Where to Start?

I’ve a small Boston terrier and he’s 12 and a half years old. He likes me very much when I leave him but that he doesn’t love me. Because of the job, I must leave him very often. He ignores me for four or five times, actually ignores me, when I return home. For him to reconnect with me the only means that I can find is to take him. I take him on three-day trip or a two when I come home after the five-day period of him hating me and we proceed wherever. We get in the car and then we all go to Malibu or San Diego or wherever. He is a traveler within his heart but he can not travel as much as his dad.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

I’d have to mention airlines. They have been simply amazing although I traveled with them! I felt as if I was in business class although I found myself in economy.

I’d have to say it Is a toss up between America and Bhutan.

Because I live here, I’m not only saying America and I do not want to piss off you! Because I really believe it, I’m saying it. Like I mentioned, I have traveled widely in America and there is a feeling of spirit that is pretty much next to none.

There’s also something about the Bhutanese that has been wonderful, it was soul improving.

So if I had to pick, I’d say Bhutan, but just by half a millimeter!

It’s driving! I love driving in bizarre and great places. I push, I listen to msuic, I go from A to B and that I end up experiencing the cultures and becoming a person that is meditative.

I have had the great fortune of travel extensively, I have been to over 90 nations and I have experienced many great things. I’d say that to is the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I remember it was like 2 in the morning, I was driving through the desert and I chose to stop and I looked up into the heavens and I found the sight. As if the stars were Photoshopped, it was so beautiful it was. It was amazing on a brain level; it was amazing on heart amount, in a soul level. Because it touched me in such a deep 16, I’d have to mention Mongolia.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

I have traveled so much without anything! J I’d say that when I’m doing my journeys I’m really able to journey without anything. I think one of the most important matters thus one thing would be my iPod for me is music. I think music is the soul’s language.

I’d say the issue is the soul of wanderlust. If you don’t have that soul inside you once you travel you don’t fully go through the delicacies that you can not be a part of, and I’m not talking about food; I’m talking connectivity and about culture and people.

I’d say the issue is my lucky coat. It’s really pink as it’s been well traveled but I love to call it crimson. I have had it and it is my lucky coat and it’s kept me safe. It keeps breaking down but I keep fixing it.

My fourth thing would be my lucky backpack, which I had for 15 years and I always travel with. I’m big to fortune, or perhaps it’s faith.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

For this day, I do not know who said this so if you know, please tell me!

“Traveling is the sole thing you buy that makes you wealthy.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

One thing that I’ve discovered in my travels is that when we are in someone else’s nation, we are in their dwelling; we are part of the community; we are visitors, guests and we all need to be respectful of that. Whenever someone comes to your residence, they must act in a fashion. (Well, they don’t need to, but you would imagine that they would.) Therefore I think, as a conscientious traveler, try to learn from that culture and try to give back as far as you can.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

As an example, I was in India and that I really n’t do one of my journeys. I was in this hotel and I decided that it was important that I gave back into that moment. Then you understand exactly what I mean if you’ve already been to India . So, I asked the concierge,”Can you send me to an orphanage. I would like to go and be of support.” They sent me down the road and that I spent the day there.

I’m discussing this story, not because I’d like you to know that I moved to a orphanage and helped out. Because everyone can be of support, I’m discussing it, everyone is able to help. You are able to give of yourself, if you go to a different country. They’re giving of themselves each day you are there! What a way to have the ability to give back, even in a small way. I spent 7 or 8 hours but you can give back in a small way each single time you travel and go. You can take part of that country together and bring it all home. It’s such a strong thing to have the ability to talk about your gifts with the others and specifically when you are in someone else’s home. Don’t go there and think,”Oh, well, I’m paying all this money.” No, it is not bout that! They’re there for you personally and you are there on them.

It’s a book as well as a show. I circumnavigated the world. I bought myself a classic yellow motorbike called Kindness One, kind of like Air Force One however a small bit yellower. I depended on kindness: I had no place to stay, no cash, no food . There was a small amount of a twist: unsuspecting great Samaritans obtained a life-changing treat. I have understood that kindness isn’t a one-way street, it is a two-way street: It’s about giving and receiving. I wanted to go with this journey, experience all of the beauty of the planet and, you understand, that not so amazing things in the world because things are not always wonderful, as my trip will attest should you watch the show or read the book. But it was essentially a trip round the Earth, trying to inspire individuals, if I could, to go out and also a ) to live their dreams and B) to understand that kindness isn’t weakness. Kindness is electricity.

Well, I always like pushing on myself. This moment, I think perhaps I’m pushing myself too much. I’m going to be driving to the northernmost tip of Finland against the southernmost tip of South Africa. There’s likely to be a little life altering twist attached to the journey, very similar to The Kindness Diaries however a tiny bit different. I’m not likely to share that yet! You’ll need to wait around for me to start my journey.

Celebrity Travel Addict: Leon Logothetis

Really, travel has changed my entire life; it’s inspired me to be the man I am today and I hope, in some small way, during maybe The Kindness Diaries or my forthcoming Africa journey, it’ll motivate you to go out and live your own dreams and understand that you truly can be the best you can be and don’t let anybody stop you away from that.

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5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

A Viennese coffee houses are playing an important part in forming the Viennese culture since the beginning of the Empire. Just the coffee is located on the invoice, although it is a place where time and space are consumed! Since 2011, Viennese Coffee House Culture was recorded within UNESCO as an Intangible Culture Heritage.

Café Sacher

They all are very similar in terms of what they provide their clients, although every coffee home is exceptional in some way. Coffee pastries, paper and a setting makes coffee houses in Vienna a thing that you need to encounter when visiting the city of Waltzes.

Café Demel

Café Hawelka

Without further ado here are just 5 cafes you should visit in Vienna!

Café Landtmann

Café Sacher will be home to the famous Sacher-Torte , a chocolate cake worthy of a visit to Vienna exclusively to sample and is the best example of a Viennese coffee house!  So is an excellent spot to stop for a few refreshments throughout 20, the café is located opposite the Opera House and it’s a popular meeting location.

Café Julius Meinl

While the inside has the lavish, classy look that’s very typically Viennese during the summertime, there is an open terrace with excellent views across the city. Café Sacher is available from 8am through till midnight and provides a classic menu.

5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

Then that really is something I would recommend When you haven’t yet attempted a Sacher-Torte that is genuine. It’s a particular type of chocolate cake that was invented by a native of Austria called Franz Sacher for Prince Wenzel von Metternich of Vienna back. The cake has become so famous that it even has its very own national day, on December 5th, along with Café Sacher is decidedly among the best places in the city to try it.

Afterward Café Demel is definitely the place to go to if you want pastries to chocolate cake. This pastry store holds the name of Purveyor to the Royal and Imperial Court and is located near Hofburg Palace on Kohlmarkt 14. The café moved to its present location from the 1880s, soon after being awarded their prestigious name by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and was created by Ludwig Dehne.

5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

Work starts at the in the afternoon and it offers handmade confectionaries, tea scones along with cakes as well as the freshest cream cakes. There is also a store to pick up a gift or a treat for after. There is a memorial on the website that contains artifacts dealing with the history of their bakery and its imperial status.

5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

Café Hawelka is another classic Viennese café that’s located on Dorotheergasse 6 at the Innere Stadt. It opened back in 1939 by his wife Josefine along with Leopold Hawelka but they had been made to close during World War II. Returning after the war to the café , they were relieved to discover it were able to begin supplying their quality meals and had been untouched.

5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

The spot quickly became a meeting place including Heimito von Doderer and Hilde Spiel and by the 1960s, was a top spot.  Josefine expired at 2011 in Leopold and 2005 but their family still runs the café.

5 Cafes You Must See in Vienna

One of the things about the area is that it is possible to taste the coffee here, produced utilizing the conventional roasting procedure. The café is also interesting because there is no menu — just a board showing what is that guests could pick from! The Buchteln is worth striving and also the café is available from 8 am till midnight or 1am most nights.

Café Landtmann is another traditional café that’s well found to add at a round of sightseeing as it is close to the Town Hall, the University of Vienna and the Burgtheater. The place makes it a popular meeting place for journalists, politicians and actors so there is some people watching here and delicious food and drink. Do not overlook the Wiener Apfelstrudel, an apple strudel that was supposed to be the favourite of Empress Sisi.

The café was set by Franz Landtmann in 1873, around precisely the identical period as the Town Hall and university buildings. It changed hands in 1881 but kept the identical name and became famous with noted Vienna residents such as Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler. It’s even featured in books set in the city including Poland by James A Michener.

This one is definitely for most coffee lovers and is famous ranging from espressos and cappuccinos through to famous coffee varieties such as mazagran along with verkehrt. The café provides coffee created based on the variety that you select — espresso Turkish design or a method called’Karlsbader Methode’ and take good care from the beans used. There are also varieties of coffee from around the world ranging from Ethiopia or Guatemala .

Café Julius Meinl is a part of this group of the identical name, famous to their coffee and gourmet foods. The business is named after the creator and is based Julius Meinl who created the business back. As well as this café on the website, there is also a delicatessen with quality foods from around the world. So as soon as you have enjoyed one of their coffees that are famous, you can pick a few goodies to take home with you!

My favorite was Café Sacher, that chocolate cake was to die for!

There you have! I could recommend using Viking Cruises from Bavaria to Budapest if your plan is to go to the city — that was I travelled during this trip.

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Shopping About Chichicastenango Market Day

Chichicastenango, or”Chichi,” is a quaint, charming city whose occasional contemporary constructions are offset by traditional adobe houses and cobblestone streets. It is easily accessed via a number of the cheap chicken buses out of the main station of Atitlán.

What’s Chichicastenango Market Day?

Chichicastenango literally translates into”the location of their nettles” in the native language of Nahuatl. There’s little at this weary pueblo to assist you overnight, but you should definitely reach the town’s prime attraction: the astronomical industry.

When to Go to Chichicastenango Market Day

In reality, the market of Chichicastenango is the biggest in all of Central America!

To be able to make certain that you don’t miss out on this immersive experience, schedule you day excursion to get a Thursday or Sunday.

Shopping About Chichicastenango Market Day

Twice Chichi’s market overlooks the center of town, and tourists and locals alike flock to the streets to take advantage of great deals and this remarkable selection. Vendors come from far and near to design blankets and put up their stands. The streets brim with artisans salespeople, handicrafts and fresh produce.

Bring your bargaining face to check out your haggling skills and take a lesson or two such as a Central American out of the natives on shopping. Everybody promotes their product and all prices are negotiable. Sample some of the regional fruits, also let the intoxicating mix of vibrant and smells pandemonium guide you to isle.

In the last several years the market has started to appeal more and more to visitors. If you’re looking for something to take home with you, then consider picking up a standard tapestry, a lively painting, a traditional hand carved mask, or any locally made ceramics.

Shopping About Chichicastenango Market Day

Maybe you have been around the Chichicastenango Market? Leave us a comment below!

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Malta

Look at a map and you might miss it: the very small island nation of Malta. Located just 50 kilometers beneath the Italian island of Sicily, Malta might seem to be just another tiny Mediterranean island at first, but the reality is that over 1.5 million individuals find their way here every year.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Malta


There is no small feat for a country that boasts a population of, but why is it that so many individuals like to create a getaway to this island paradise? Below are a few reasons why to fall in love!

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Malta


Its past as a British colony and malta’s place between Italy and Tunisia contribute to its intriguing history. You’ll see a number of the best of the Mediterranean on display when you try bigilla, a dish of beans and garlic, or hobz biz-zejt, bread dipped in the olive oil that’s a basic of Mediterranean cultures. However, there is another component of Maltese cuisine that must not be missed: the fish.


Lampuka, or dolphinfish, will be your major fish consumed from Maltese cuisine, but that is just the start. If you prefer milder fish such as grouper or strong fish such as swordfish, then you will be enjoying some of the freshest fish of your own lifetime cooked in a manner that maximizes its own natural flavors. The chance to eat Maltese fish makes for a rewarding trip by itself, if you’re a seafood fan!


Malta is a location that is historic. From the Grandmaster’s Palace which functions as the office of the president of Malta’s home to the refuge used from the Second World War, there.


The Delimara Lighthouse speaks to its unique place at the Mediterranean Sea between two continents, although the exterior of the Auberge d’Italiae reveals a little this Italian influence in Maltese architecture as well as Malta’s history as a British colony. All it takes is one look around Valletta to see why history is one of five reasons to fall in love.

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Malta

Relocate to Malta

There is nothing like a day at the shore when it’s a gorgeous day. There are lots of those because of its place. In the subtropics of the Mediterranean half of the day is clear and bright through the summer. There is virtually no danger of rain during the summer months, which makes the summertime the time to escape and hit on the shore.

You’ll discover a number of the best beaches located in Europe or about any continent when you do get to the shore. You’ll enjoy turquoise waters in locations such as the Lagoon and Paradise Bay. Make sure because you’re going to require it, to make the sunscreen!

There is no getting around it: Malta isn’t a location. At just 122 square kilometers, it’s one of the very countries in the world. Since that means you’re never far from your next adventure, but that is a thing that is good! That’s crucial, because in Malta, you’re never going to run out of items to excite your senses. Whether it’s taking a trip of the island in the sea, marveling at the gorgeous paintings of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, checking out the view of the ocean and the city from the shore of Malta or simply carrying a walking tour of Valletta, you will never run out of things to do. The following adventure always awaits.

One thing which keeps Americans is a concern about a language barrier when you just know a couple of words of the native tongue, and if the locals will be willing to communicate with you. That’s never a issue. Malta stays a part of the Commonwealth of Nations and was a British colony in 1815, meaning English is one of the official languages of Malta and it is spoken by everyone as their own native tongue. You won’t have to rely on Saturdays!

Malta is now a popular destination for the American and British ex-pats that enjoy this lifestyle so much that they would like to encounter it. Throw in a booming market with a solid rate of increase in the country’s GDP, and it’s simple to see why anglophones are intrigued with the idea of moving to Malta.

Gold Lion Real Estate can help you discover the ideal spot for you to set up your new life at a tropical paradise, if you’re a part of the team who’s been scammed by these five reasons to fall in love with Malta. You’ll discover friendly customer service, specialist knowledge and honest feedback about the ideal home for you. With Gold Lion Holding on your side, you’re going to be stunned at how simple it’s to locate the ideal home and start enjoying everything which makes Malta such a great place to visit — and call home!

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VIDEO: Eliminating Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina Using XShot

In the Spring of 2014 I had the pleasure of Travel through Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina for

We filmed cities, scenery, met some wonderful people, and even monuments. Besides my normal creation, I wanted to showcase a few highlights from my trip using my XShot. It’s the ideal companion for anyone wants to catch their journey memories without asking other people or awkward self-shots to take photos of you. I hope you like the video! Stay tuned for prospective events and posts of my excursion via the Balkans. To receive your personal XShot click HERE.

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5 Types of Accommodation For The UK Trip

Following the destination, is where you plan to remain when you are in the process of arranging a vacation, among the variables that are most significant to take under account.



In addition to being the foundation from which stage you will explore your favorite destination has the most capability to make or break your trip, in addition to influencing different aspects of the holiday season.

5 Types of Accommodation For The UK Trip


Needless to say, as with any other nation, the UK offers a vast range of different accommodation alternatives ideal for holidaymakers, travelers and tourists. The suitability of all of these choices depends largely on your finances, how big your party and your personal travel preferences, however, it’s necessary to do your homework and pick out somewhere to stay that suits everybody rather than simply settling for the first or most affordable choice.


There are a range of aspects that you need to remember, when you are choosing your ideal kind of accommodation. As well as those previously discussed, they also include the convenience of the location and how easy it’s to access, particularly regarding any specific sights or attractions which you know that you wish to see.


But with the sheer quantity of variety available, it can often be hard to pick out . To help you out below are five of the main, most frequent types.

Wherever you go in the world, the hotel is likely to be the most popular accommodation option. Hotels are convenient and also offer a place for you in addition to providing an excellent foundation for your time.

If you are on a budget or want a liberty, a B&B may be fantastic option. Offering a great deal more flexibility than the conventional hotel, charming B&Bs can often be found throughout the country.

5 Types of Accommodation For The UK Trip

One for the more adventurous forms, camping is a terrific chance to spend some time outdoors and away from the stresses of everyday life. Get back to grips with nature and decide on a countryside place to actually get the absolute most out of your camping experience.

For families or people who don’t wish to compromise on all the familiarity and conveniences of home, a vacation cottage is a solution. Holiday cottages are sometimes a true home away from your home, offering an attractive construction to call your own. From cottages tucked away to homes spread out amongst scenery that is British in villages, there are tons of selections to suit every preference.

The caravan holiday arouses memories of childhood, nostalgia, along with ordinary British seaside holiday destinations. A traveling or motorhome caravan to get a road trip around the British Isles, or alternatively, choose a caravan in among the country’s many holiday parks to get a trip down the street. Caravan holiday parks dot the British coastline, although many can also be found situated amongst stunning British countryside, offering a lot of alternatives.

For something a little different, just about staying on a ship? The countryside is crisscrossed with castles, offering the chance trade it in for a more affordable pace of life and to escape the city’s rush. This is the best choice for embracing lifestyle that is British that is rural.

Whichever kind of accommodation you do finally opt to go for, it’s important to choose some opportunity to carefully consider your choice and do plenty of research in order to make certain that you make a determination that works well for you and satisfies your requirements.

5 Types of Accommodation For The UK Trip

Plus, everything is all settled and as soon as you have gotten the accommodation decision out how and booked up, you can then begin planning the remainder of your experience!

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Can Not Miss Gems of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

Nestled in Rome’s Historical and glamorous city is Vatican City.

Vatican City most famous for the association with Catholicism’s chair and home of the Pope, is loaded with plenty of renaissance and classical art beauties and other antiquities. One of the most stunning of those renaissance masterpieces is St. Peter’s Basilica.

History of St. Peter’s Basilica

Can Not Miss Gems of St. Peter

It is helpful to have a bit of history so you understand where to look, about the area you must visit. I like to do a bit of research. I use my own research to decide if it would be useful to have a tour guide (I purchased my ticket here). Allow me to tell you, St. Peter’s is more than meets the eye.

Standard Tour Itinerary

The St. Peter’s Basilica is truly the second building to honor the martyrdom of St. Peter. Nero killed Peter about 64 A.D. Around 313 A.D. Emperor Constantine let Christians to construct memorials and places of worship. During the time when the Popes left Rome, nearly 1000 years after the original St. Peter’s Basilica was falling apart. It would not be until the center of the 15thcentury after Pope Nicholas V, contracted Bernardo Rossellini, to draw up strategies for improving the basilica. It wouldn’t be until the 16th century when the major adjustments to the building would begin under the skill of architect Donato Bramante at the direction of Pope Julius II.

The building you see now took to complete. Not one of the very first basilica remains but the place. Pros worked on the building, structure on these years and you will see their fingerprints all.

But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes in St. Peter’s Basilica. That is, there is nave and the façade to gawk at.

Obviously you wish to devote some time in awe upon entering this particular church. However, there is more. Look at investing in a pinch, you don’t want to miss those gems’ particulars.

St. Peter’s Basilica is a treasure within the treasure of Vatican City and Rome itself.

Can Not Miss Gems of St. Peter

Because of the abundant history within 1000’s and 1000’s of years, plan well so you don’t miss the life experience that is Vatican City.