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VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

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After arriving in the town of Galibi, Suriname I woke up bright and early to have a fast breakfast, head out with my boy Imro to go to a Galibi town excursion, and have a few yummy smoked catfish! Come along with me since my epic Surinamese adventures continue!

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Galibi is your town in Suriname and is directly on the border with French Guiana. I began in the guest house dining hall, at which I enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, hot and sour fish, and a pancake. I had a strong coffee!

It was super salty, although the fish was hot! The fish mash had onions and chilies inside. Cakes have been consumed there, because Suriname was ruled from the Dutch. I place all of my fish into the pancake. It was amazing! The pancake was a thin crepe, and the fish went with it! The combination of the two was hot and incredible and also had my mouth watering. It was really good that I got a different one! The spice was my favourite thing about it!

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

Then I met up with my friend Imro out of Jenny Tours to start my own Galibi town excursion. This was his village. He took me where I discovered a cool leopard stool for $110 USD. There were more crafts from the region , turtle-shaped figurines, pottery, bracelets, and necklaces! It would be too large for me to take with me put on a plane with, although I wished to obtain the leopard feces. I bought a calabash fruit that was hollowed-out using a turtle carved right into it instead.

We headed back out. There were lots of mango trees. One attempted — it was more citrusy! We discovered palm trees and a calabash tree. Imro showed me.

I was getting hungry, so that I was ready to eat again! We ceased to try several cashew fruit, which was super sour.

I grabbed a wooden plank for the fish. There were several fish. It costs just a little under $5 USD for a single fish. We attempted it with a few casaba bread, salt, and peppers. It was really good and had a flavor that is smoky , regardless of the spines! Because I did not want to get one I had to be really careful of these! The peppers would be the very best part. They gave it a nice kick! I love village food. It will not get any more real than this.

We headed over to the neighborhood school, to continue my Galibi town excursion, but we stumbled upon precisely exactly the tarantula from the tree in the previous night.

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

The region of Galibi consisted of 6 or 5 homes, a church, and a college. Only 800 people live there. There’s a hall, a soccer field, and a great deal of small homes. School was in session in Sint Antonius School!

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

There were 9 instructors there and about 60 kids. It was a flag, a patio, and also open minded. The kids were not shy. They ranged from 4 years old to middle-school-age. The high school is in Albina.

We left the college and stumbled upon a hut which shows that the species of marine turtles which nest in the region, such as the Olive Ridley turtle, the green gem, and the leatherback.

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

It was boil out! From there, I left that the Myrysji Lodge, hopped on a ship, and chatted with the proprietor. It would take a hour for us to get back to Albina. We looked at animals. We did not see anything, though, likely because it was the hottest portion of the day.

I hope you appreciated coming with me! If you did, then please give this video a thumbs up, leave me a comment, so that you do not miss some of my upcoming and then subscribe travel/food experiences!

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