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Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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It’s been a dream of mine for a while to come back to the Balkans since initial traveling through Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia in May 2008. The Balkans have a special place in my own heart to diverse cultures, scenic landscapes, and their Medieval towns. Possibly the aspect about travel into the Balkans is you could experience so much in such a concentrated geographical location. Southeastern Europe is often mistakenly overlooked by travellers too excited to explore only the”big three,” Paris, London, and Rome. Balkan civilizations are varied because of how many civilizations have settled here over time, which translates into a unique mix of gastronomies, architectures, and histories — at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Why Serbia and Bosnia?

My Path — Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Mostar & Banja Luka

Everything you can expect from the trip

Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Balkan Peninsula is made up of several nations, most of which are not really part of the peninsula, but are still lumped in from a perspective. Of them, I will be seeing Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina emerge tomorrow, April 19th. I will be spending three weeks exploring towns, cities, castles, temples, ruins, local food, and museums because of my guidebook and David Here web show collection. Both are my 57th and 58th states, respectively.

Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Serbia has always been on my own bucket list for several reasons (I nearly moved there at one point!) Belgrade is regarded as the”Paris of the Balkans” for its intimate architecture and cultural events. The main reason behind the grandeur comes from the fact that’s was the backing of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. All the money was pumped into revitalizing the city. I’m a history enthusiast, so you may imagine how excited I am to stop by with the birth nation of seven Roman emperors, including Constantine the Great. Serbia also has castles, a lot of wineries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As it’s a nation coming out from the shadow of a war, bosnia and Herzegovina has been a natural choice. Visitors are offered a different type of European knowledge in the sense of Ottoman-era touches through the food, culture, and architecture by sarajevo. The remainder of the nation follows suit, but contains a number of the continent’s most amazing and interesting Medieval towns . Another highlight is going to be a day at the Christian pilgrimage site of Medjugorje, in which the Virgin Mary regularly appears to traffic.

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Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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