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All Weather Backpack by Victorinox

I recently flew to Latvia and Finland, but I would need to brave before I left I looked for an all weather backpack that could withstand the subzero temperatures.  I normally go with a backpack for my laptop and camera equipment. Additionally, it is just easier to maneuver airports around with a backpack and a. For over a decade I have been a fan of this Victorinox Swiss Army brand. They are the first creators of this Swiss Army Knife and now they also make durable and hip travel equipment and bags.

I opted for your trip for the Rath Slim Backpack and it did not disappoint! I am able to say it is the perfect all weather backpack to get somebody who traveled as I do. With 7 pockets, there is room to fit a 17″ notebook, camera lens and body, passport wallet, along with some other personal items.  I was saved by Even the water-repellent zippers in the countryside, in addition to in moist Helsinki. Basically, it’s weather that is ideal.

I Accepted my Rath Slim Backpack.

I loaded it up with equipment but never sensed an backache that was annoying that I’ve gotten along with other backpacks, which means the weight gets evenly distributed and that’s a plus! I got a lot of praise on the back pack from other photographers that are searching for a more trendy alternative to the dull camera bags you see out there. I highly recommend the Roth Slim as an all-weather backpack.

I surfaced for this excursion with Victorinox. All opinions are my own.

All Weather Backpack by Victorinox

Do you travel with a back pack? Which is your favorite brand? Leave us a comment below.