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10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Since the world’s biggest urban area by dimensions, in addition to the most populous metropolitan area on the planet, there are plenty of things to see and do in Tokyo, Japan. As soon as it’s often referred to as a town, Tokyo is a prefecture, which is a blending of a state and a town, though it differs from both in several ways also.

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo started off as a little fishing village named Edo, which had been fortified in the 12th century and turned into one of the biggest cities on the planet in the 18th century. Emperor Meiji, that had been based in the then-capital, Kyoto, proceeded into Edo in 1869, inducing the capital. The town had been reconstructed after the war, although more than half of the town had been destroyed in the Allied air raids of World War II.

Tokyo Metropolitan Ueno Park

Today, Tokyo is a sprawling, bustling area of over 38 million residents who combines its signature colorful and glowing appearance and hyper-futuristic technologies with traditional historic shrines and temples. It is also known among the safest and most livable cities in the world and is known for dominance as the food city on the planet, its nightlife, shopping, cleanliness, general transport system, and its helpful locals.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Roppongi Hills Observatory

With so many distinctions that are notable, it is no surprise that the listing of things is seemingly endless. It can be enough to intimidate even the most experienced traveler. I spent four days exploring Tokyo in January of 2019 and during that moment, it turned into one of my favourite cities on the planet.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu Restaurant

I compiled a list of my favourite areas in the city and wished to share them to help other travellers construct their very own Tokyo itinerary. These are the things!

Uobei Restaurant

The Tokyo Skytree is observation tower and a neo-futuristic broadcasting which can be found in the Sumida shield of Tokyo. It is a tower which has been constructed to resemble a traditional Japanese pagoda that is five-story.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Crossing

The tower has been constructed between February of 2012 and July of 2008, and officially opened on May 22, 2012. At 2,080 feet in height, it is the tallest tower and second-tallest structure on the planet. It is earthquake resistant and will be the principal TV and radio broadcast site for the entire Kant? A geographical area of the island of Honshu which includes Tokyo, Area.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

I love getting a birds-eye view of the cities I see, and there in Tokyo for that compared to the Skytree’s two observation decks. From them, you can enjoy 360° points of view. You can also see Mount Fuji in the distance!

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan


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10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan


A ticket into the Tembo Deck, the lower of their Tokyo Skytree’s two observation decks in 1,150 feet above the ground, is 2,060 Yen, or roughly $18.55 U.S.. It costs an extra 1,030 Yen, or roughly $9.28, to visit the highest observation deck, the Tembo Gallery, which offers opinions from 1,480 feet over the streets of Tokyo.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

The Tokyo Skytree is also home to Musashi Restaurant along with a gift store. Just under the Tembo Deck is a section of glass flooring which it is possible to walk on that looks straight down in the road below.

BONUS: Convenience Stores

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Skytree is available from 8 pm to 10 p.m., but the last entrance reaches 9 p.m., so keep this in mind if you wish to see the observation decks in the nighttime. It’s a must-visit and is one of the best things to see and do in Tokyo!

Located directly next to JR Ueno Station in central Tokyo is Ueno Park, a public park which has been created in 1873. The park was a portion of Kaneiji Temple, a massive temple which was constructed to protect Tokyo from evil. After the temple was nearly ruined during the Boshin Civil War, its grounds turned into one of Japan’s earliest examples of a park.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Ueno Park is known as a wonderful spot to see in the spring because of the number of cherry blossom trees which bloom there. It is also home to plenty Though the park is noted for its beauty!

Notable places to visit Inside the park Comprise the Ueno Zoo, the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Nature and Science, Shinobazu Pond, the National Science Museum, the National Museum for Western Art, the Hanazono Inari Shrine, as well as the remnants of Kaneiji Temple, which include Kiyomizu Kannon Temple, Toshogu Shrine, and its five-storied pagoda, Gojunoto Tower.

Once I seen it with my friend Shinichi very few people were in the park, however the summer months are often quite busy. Between its cherry blossom trees and many draws, Ueno Park isalso, without a doubt, one of the best things!

If you would prefer a bird’s-eye view of Tokyo that is different from the ones a visit to the Roppongi Hills Observatory might be in order.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

This observation deck is a part of a group of observation facilities at the top of the tower known as Tokyo City View. Contained in Tokyo City View is the Sky Gallery, also a space with stunning, floor-to-ceiling windows which hosts events and exhibitions.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

The Sky Deck to the tower roof offers roughly 885 feet, or unobstructed, 360 ° views of Tokyo from 270 meters, over the city’s streets. It costs 500 Yen/$4.52 U.S. to see. For your own safety, you’ll be told to keep your possessions, with the exception of in a locker before going up, your camera.

This city’s perspectives are breathtaking. They alone make the Sky Deck among of the things to do in Tokyo. But as I did, if you see Japan in the winter, I suggest wearing a jacket, a scarf, a hat, and gloves, and because the freezing wind can be brutal!

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Any foodie looking to have a really wonderful night of drinks that are strong and food in Tokyo should place Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu Restaurant in the very top of the list of dining options.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

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This Japanese restaurant, which looks to the surface like a standard fortress or castle, is set up to appear to be a traditional house on the inside.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu Restaurant was the inspiration for the House of Blue Leaves in the Film Kill Bill, Vol.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

1. Walking to the restaurant feels like you are stepping directly onto the Kill Bill set!

While you are there, and therefore don’t be shocked if you see the Kardashians Kobe Bryant, Sylvester Stallone, or even Kanye West, the restaurant is also a star hotspot. My Miami FloRida only happened to be there the night I seen!

Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu Restaurant delivers a wide variety of menu items and a broad choice of delicious alcoholic beverages which are a part of the all-you-can-drink menu, which now costs 2,678 Steak /$24.20 for two hours.

I strongly recommend the salmon sashimi; the charbroiled oyster; the beef, chicken, and tomato yakitori; the fried tofu, beef, and kale; the buckwheat soba noodles; the mochi ice cream; and also my personal favorite, the shrimp fritter with fried rice noodles and chilies.

They are all make Gonpachi Nishi-Azabu one of the things to see and do in Tokyo and to die for!

One of the best things about Japan’s culinary landscape is the enjoyable and innovative ways food is served. Conveyor belt sushi has for ages been a standout when it has to do with uncooked fish, but a chain of restaurants called Uobei has set its own twist.

At Uobei, every client is given with a handy, multilingual tablet at the place where they can choose between over types of sushi.

Their arrangement will zip down the trail and stop in their table, usually within thirty minutes. When you are prepared for another class this eliminates the requirement to flag.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

With the Uobei and I visited together with my friend Kaz in Shibuya and has been blown away, not only by the convenience of the system, but also by the quality of the food.

Was unbelievable, for example, lettuce with black pepper, salmon with sausage, ham, smelt roe, salmon roe, flounder fin, and lettuce with mayonnaise and onions.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

However, of all of the varieties I had was the lettuce with onions. It was just like a tuna mash that is stunning and I couldn’t get enough of it!

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The next time you are in Tokyo, do something kind for your taste buds and have a sushi meal in Uobei. Not only is the food fast and flavorful, it’s also cheap.

I ate over 20 pieces of sushi and my total came to just 1,209 Yen/$10.94! Quality and the prices make Uobei one of the things to see and do in Tokyo!

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

When you come to Tokyo, 1 thing you need to do is go through the rush of Shibuya Crossing.

At this intersection, signs and occasionally compared to New York’s Times Square because of the television screens and ads on the surrounding structures, roughly 2,500 pedestrians flood the streets in front of Shibuya Station every time the traffic lights change.

The lights all change in the exact same time plus a scramble crossing starts, in which all vehicular traffic stops stops to allow shoppers, students, tourists, couples, commuters, and more to cross from every direction in a hectic, yet highly organized, manner.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

It’s a wild thing to be a part of and can be a distinctively Japanese experience that you will not forget anytime soon!

Tokyo is a city which mixes its ultra-modern future with its traditional past, and the city’s more traditional negative can be found in the famous Meiji Jingu Shrine, which has been constructed over the years after the deaths of Emperor Meiji (also known as Meiji the Great) and his wife, Empress Sh?ken, dedicated to them, and completed in 1920. The shrine was destroyed in the air raids of World War II but was rebuilt following a equality in 1958.

Located nearby Harajuku Station, this Shinto shrine is surrounded by an artificial woods, which was planted as citizens donated trees to decorate the shrine’s environment.

Straddling the path to the shrine are is an enormous and imposing torii gate, which marks the beginning of the location. You must stop and bow every time you move under a gate.

The crunching sound of the gravel along the route is supposed to calm your soul so that you’re ready to pray by the time you reach the shrine, which is made up of fountain where you must cleanse yourself before entering, a large primary courtyard with a different big torii gate, a beautiful primary hall, and more.

A visit to Meiji Jingu Shrine is a calm and educational expertise in which you can learn about a few of Japan’s two prominent religions. It’s an adventure that ranks among my best things do and to see in Tokyo, and it is highly recommended by me!

You can not miss out on visiting Asakusa, if you’d love to take a trip back through time to the more traditional decades of Tokyo. This area of Tokyo is known for its temples and street food, which means you are in for a treat for those who love learning about food, history, and culture like I do.

The first of the two chief attractions in Asakusa is also a centuries-old pedestrian-friendly shopping road that’s lined with food stalls and souvenir shops selling sugary sweets and mouthwatering road food, the Nakamise.

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I strongly recommend the dango mochi balls, the kinds of ichigo daifuku, the unbelievable red-bean-paste-filled Japanese sausage known as ningyoyaki, the tasty menchi katsu meat patties, the deep-fried curry monja, and also the delicious melon pan.

At the conclusion of this Nakamise is Asakusa’s next primary attraction, Sensoji Temple, a beautiful, seven th century Buddhist temple. You must wash your mouth and mouth before you go into the temple.

You go inside, plead, make a wish, and then bow. You can also get your fortune. Hope to get a good one!

If you have come to Tokyo to have a good time, you need to take some time to explore Shinjuku, the entertainment, amusement, and business area around Shinjuku Station.

The area to the west of this channel is known as the Shinjuku Skyscraper District, which is home to some of the tallest buildings in Tokyo, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and hotels like the Park Hyatt, the Hilton, Keio Plaza, and my own personal favourite, the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, which I remained in for a few days.

Another area of Shinjuku is Kabukicho, in which a game called Pachinko can be played an area that’s dotted with restaurants, bars, clubs, and parlors with.

Along with the typical hotspots, Kabukicho is also known as Japan’s biggest red light area, so tourists who venture in the area will also come across an array of crimson light establishments which cater to all genders and sexual orientations and love hotels.

It is highly advised that people who see this area be vigilant and beware of price-gouging and drink spiking. Shinjuku is an awesome place to see, definitely one of the greatest things to see and do in Tokyo, while you are there but you should be safe!

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

When you see Tokyo, you’re going to want a place to unwind in-between your holiday experiences, and accept it away from me, you will find no superior accommodations in the city than the ones in the Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

This luxury hotel boasts 746 luxury rooms in 17 beautiful fashions, six restaurants, and a health club along with a Japanese breakfast, a Western breakfast, an indoor pool, and more.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

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10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Its geographic location in Tokyo puts it in the vicinity of lots of attractions, such as Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, the Meiji Jingu Shrine, the Tokyo Opera City entertainment complex, and more.

You’d be remiss to skip their buffet breakfast in Kakou Restaurant on the third floor when you stay in the Hyatt Regency Tokyo.

This heavenly spread is available from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. each morning and offers over 25 delicious, traditional options such as oden, buttery beef, edamame, tofu balls, fish cakes, soba noodles, pounded yam, daikonand dried shrimp, plus far more.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

The breakfast buffet of the Hyatt Regency Tokyo will have you into Japanese food paradise and craving more! This feast that is unbelievable is one of the best things to see and do in Tokyo! .

When you visit Japan, I can not stress that enough: you need to try out the food. Unlike the food that’s offered at convenience shops that are American, the food in Western convenience stores is weatherproof, refreshing, and super tasty.

10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

Breakfast is not a enormous thing in Japan, but dishes from convenience stores, for example sushi, onigiri, and oden, are very popular ways locals start as they head off to work. Store culture is popular; there are at least 10,000 of them across Japan and around 50,000 in Tokyo!

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10 Things to See and Do in Tokyo, Japan

There are three big convenience store chains in Japan: FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, and Lawson. Each of them has their very own foods, but they also all sell things that are similar also.

I bought a wide variety of foods in every one and seen with all three, such as sushi; several distinct onigiris including salmon, mackerel, seaweed, wasabi, and pollack roe; pork buns; a bunch of distinct types of mochis; and more. I have eaten sushi all around the Earth, and the sushi I purchased in FamilyMart is among the best I have ever had!

Each of the food I bought I can not recommend them enough and there was fantastic. Be sure to add at least one convenience store visit to your list of things to see and do in Tokyo!

Tokyo, Japan is similar to any other town on the planet. Its unique culture is on full display from the minute you land in Narita Airport, and I guarantee, you’ll be blown away by its cleanliness, organization, and sort people long before you reach some of the exceptional cultural, historic, and recreational attractions. This town must been seen to be believed, so do your self a favor and book a visit to Tokyo today!

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VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

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After arriving in the town of Galibi, Suriname I woke up bright and early to have a fast breakfast, head out with my boy Imro to go to a Galibi town excursion, and have a few yummy smoked catfish! Come along with me since my epic Surinamese adventures continue!

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Galibi is your town in Suriname and is directly on the border with French Guiana. I began in the guest house dining hall, at which I enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, hot and sour fish, and a pancake. I had a strong coffee!

It was super salty, although the fish was hot! The fish mash had onions and chilies inside. Cakes have been consumed there, because Suriname was ruled from the Dutch. I place all of my fish into the pancake. It was amazing! The pancake was a thin crepe, and the fish went with it! The combination of the two was hot and incredible and also had my mouth watering. It was really good that I got a different one! The spice was my favourite thing about it!

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

Then I met up with my friend Imro out of Jenny Tours to start my own Galibi town excursion. This was his village. He took me where I discovered a cool leopard stool for $110 USD. There were more crafts from the region , turtle-shaped figurines, pottery, bracelets, and necklaces! It would be too large for me to take with me put on a plane with, although I wished to obtain the leopard feces. I bought a calabash fruit that was hollowed-out using a turtle carved right into it instead.

We headed back out. There were lots of mango trees. One attempted — it was more citrusy! We discovered palm trees and a calabash tree. Imro showed me.

I was getting hungry, so that I was ready to eat again! We ceased to try several cashew fruit, which was super sour.

I grabbed a wooden plank for the fish. There were several fish. It costs just a little under $5 USD for a single fish. We attempted it with a few casaba bread, salt, and peppers. It was really good and had a flavor that is smoky , regardless of the spines! Because I did not want to get one I had to be really careful of these! The peppers would be the very best part. They gave it a nice kick! I love village food. It will not get any more real than this.

We headed over to the neighborhood school, to continue my Galibi town excursion, but we stumbled upon precisely exactly the tarantula from the tree in the previous night.

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

The region of Galibi consisted of 6 or 5 homes, a church, and a college. Only 800 people live there. There’s a hall, a soccer field, and a great deal of small homes. School was in session in Sint Antonius School!

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

There were 9 instructors there and about 60 kids. It was a flag, a patio, and also open minded. The kids were not shy. They ranged from 4 years old to middle-school-age. The high school is in Albina.

We left the college and stumbled upon a hut which shows that the species of marine turtles which nest in the region, such as the Olive Ridley turtle, the green gem, and the leatherback.

VIDEO: Surinamese Smoked Catfish + Galibi Town Tour | Galibi, Suriname

It was boil out! From there, I left that the Myrysji Lodge, hopped on a ship, and chatted with the proprietor. It would take a hour for us to get back to Albina. We looked at animals. We did not see anything, though, likely because it was the hottest portion of the day.

I hope you appreciated coming with me! If you did, then please give this video a thumbs up, leave me a comment, so that you do not miss some of my upcoming and then subscribe travel/food experiences!

Where have you been?

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Top 10 Things

Together with all its cosmopolitan atmosphere, top notch museums and historic sites, attractions that are intricate, and nightlife, London is a city for everyone. What items are as they come and contain more, film places, palaces, and cathedrals!

Buckingham Palace

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With this much to offer, it comes as no surprise that this metropolis is the most visited city in Europe. Between 20 and 30 million people descend on the city each year to experience its one-of-a-kind offerings. All these are the top 10 things.

Top 10 Things

Visit its Churches

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One of London’s most well known attractions, Buckingham Palace was constructed for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. It became the home of the royal household in 1837. This lavish palace is home to the largest private garden in London.

Piccadilly Circus

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Top 10 Things

Tours of the palace are accessible from mid-July throughout September and on select dates at spring and the winter. Outside, be certain not to overlook the Changing of the Guard. However, one of the best things is marvel at the 19 state rooms where occasions are hosted by the royals.

Enjoy British Cuisine

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One of the greatest methods to explore London’s extensive background is by seeing its churches. Westminster Abbey was set up in 960 AD, although most of its Early English Gothic architecture is in the 13th century. Seventeen monarchs and writers Rudyard Kipling and Charles Dickens are interred in the abbey.

Tower of London

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Located on a website that has been a place of worship for over 1,400 years is St. Paul’s Cathedral. It boasts one of the biggest domes in the world, on very top of which is the Gallery. Increasing the staircase that are 528 to the top is one of the best things to see and do in London!

Hyde Park

As the junction of five of London’s busiest roads, Piccadilly Circus is still a banquet for the senses. Together with its restaurants, stores, nightclubs, glowing lights, neon signs, and bustle, it is no wonder it is often in contrast to New York’s Times Square.

Shop Along Oxford Street

Do your very best to brave the crowds and do some exploring. Seeing Piccadilly Circus at night is among the top items to see and do in London just for the ambiance!

The British Museum

Without attempting British cuisine, London can’t be totally experienced by you. London has recently come to be a culinary hotspot for uninspiring food alternatives once known.

Go on a Thames River Cruise

Top 10 Things

Restaurants can be found around the city. Make sure you visit a pub for traditional British cuisine such as pasties, bangers and mash, mincemeat pies, and fish and chips. Trying pub food is one of the top things to see and do in London!

See Harry Potter Set Places

I suggest visiting the Tower of London, to experience a number of the darker background of London. History fans will delight in the bloody stories told from the tower guards as well as the glorious crown jewels exhibition.


Inside, visitors can also explore. One of the things is visit the White Tower, where artifacts in rulers along with Henry VIII are housed!

Travelers who want to escape from the cement, metal, and glass jungle of London and also find a dose of character can do this at Hyde Park. The most popular park of london is a grand stretch of walking paths, bike paths, lakes, and more.

Top attractions include the Speakers’ Corner and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain.

Top 10 Things

Catch a concert and visit Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace. One of the best things is respect the swans and move paddle boating on the Serpentine Lake of the park!

If you’re looking for the very best shopping of London, search no further than Oxford Street. This shopping road, known as the greatest location to store of London, is lined with over 300 stores. With 500,000 visitors per day, it is also Europe’s busiest shopping street!

Top 10 Things

The department stores are excellent for those who would like to drop a few dollars. The road is also famous for its window screens that change with the seasons. Seeing Oxford Street is one of the best things to see and do in London!

Top 10 Things

Some of the best things would be those which are free! In this history buff’s paradise, you will find 8 million objects such as the Elgin Marbles the Lidow Man, and the Rosetta Stone.

The museum may be intimidating to navigate, so you may want to book a tour or rent an audio guide!

Snaking its way is England’s longest lake, the Thames River. Since lots of London’s greatest attractions were constructed near its banks, there is a Thames River cruise one of the best things to see and do in London!

Top 10 Things

A cruise down the river will Provide viewing perspectives of the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, and more!

Reserve a trip or go in the night on one when it is lit up to observe the city!

No trip to London is complete without seeing with places from the Harry Potter film series. In quitting from King’s Cross station, where they will find a trolley sticking from the wall at Platform 9 3/4 fans of the boy wizard will delight.

One of the items do and to see in London will be choose an 80-minute drive northwest of the city. There, lovers can see Diagon Alley Hogwarts, and more! Reserve your trip well ahead of time of your visit–it sells out quickly!

With such a wide range of attractions and activities, London is great for travelers. Whether you are a lover of food history, nightlife, or wizards, London has something for you. Reserve a trip to London now to experience it!

NOTE: I suggest buying travel insurance to protect yourself in case any crisis situations develop Before you travel. AXA Travel Insurance is the best because it covers a vast selection of issues. Purchase your AXA Travel Insurance protection plan here!

Click here, if you need to look at the visa requirements of a specific country. To make an application for a visa, then find visa information for different countries, and calculate the expense of a visa here!

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Top Five Things

Arequipa is Only a city Involving Bolivia Chile, Machu Picchu, and Lima.

Tourism in Arequipa has grown in the last several decades. This is largely due its proximity to Colca Canyon, but as more and more travelers flock into the majestic city they can not help but see that it is much more than its geography.

La Plaza de Armas

Plaza de armas, or arequipa’s central plaza, was argued to be the most beautiful in all of South America. Oriented around one magnificent fountain and framed by colonial buildings that are conserved, it’s easy to see why. The plaza is the heart and soul of the city, although Each of downtown is the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santa Catalina Monastery

Top Five Things

This labyrinth of a monastery will take the vast majority of the day to explore to you. Santa Catalina Monastery was nicknamed”the city within a city.” This is because of the simple fact, and its expansive dimensions that by the external world that the convent remained completely shut off between its opening in 1579 and 1970. Highlights consist of conventional kitchens and living quarters, the picturesque silence yard, the most central cloister, along with an art gallery.

The City Bus Tour

The City Bus Tour of Arequipa is the perfect way, if you’re searching for time. Highlights include the Creator’s Mansion, Mundo Alpaca, along with 2 miradors, or outlooks. Tours are affordable and booked at the Plaza de Armas.

San Camilo Market

San Camilo marketplace is my favored marketplace in Latin America so far. It is here that you can try exotic fruits, undergo sample olives, and much-needed fixes made to your clothes and cheeses. Do not miss the chance to check out holistic treatments, and the dried alpaca fetuses which are employed in several of customs.

Top Five Things


Juanita is. Her body was found in 1995. Although she does take a rest throughout season for preservation purposes she is on screen in the Museum of Andean Sanctuaries for almost all of the year of Catholic University. Juanita can be viewed by visitors .

Top Five Things

President and Creator of Total of Wanderlust, you can read more about Tina Stelling’s wanderings, report of her travels, and suggestions for nomadism on a budget. Tina is a recently published writer. 

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Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece

Santorini has an impressive diversity of shores, with everything from sands that are warm to pebble strewn shorelines. Since many of the most gorgeous beaches would be the touristic, tourists shouldn’t be scared to venture off the beaten course. Here are the beaches in Santorini, Greece!

Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece

Red Beach

Many of those jewels are only accessible by ship and give little to no facilities, like beach chair rentals or baths. We suggest you pack a lunch and bring bottles of water, sunscreen, beach towels, if you want to hit up some of the distant beaches and anything else you may need.

White Beach              

Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece


Red Beach’s name comes from its unique red color that’s the result of volcanic activity. Due to its look, it’s gaining popularity even though it features no conveniences. Red Beach can be obtained via car, bus, boat, or on foot. When driving, be aware that there’s a five to eight minute strip of undeveloped road that can be trying on vehicles that are rental!

Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece

Exo Gialos

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It is possible to grab the ship below the Rihidi archeological website, or you can stash the vehicle in the front of the Agios Nikolaos chapel and walk the remainder of the way. The temperatures here can be sweltering, so visitors must be sure to attract lots of water a hat, sunscreen, and even perhaps a light lunch.  

Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece


Best 6 Beaches at Santorini, Greece

White Beach, otherwise known as Aspri Paralia to the Natives, is Situated Close to Red Beach.

It is more remote. It was named for the white cliff that overlooks the shoreline. The only method is by getting a ship from Akrotiri for about $5, or even swimming out from Red Beach, although be warned it’s a swim and you’re going to want some equipment. There are no facilities here.  

Vlyhada has the benefits of being incredibly beautiful and relatively under-discovered, but not quite as remote as White Beach all. This means that you’re welcome to enjoy the waters and tranquil shoreline from the comfort of a beach chair. Bars function cocktails and yummy eats you could enjoy right about the water. Crowds are never an issue because the shortage of public transport to the shore makes it a solo-endeavor. In order to get there, drive from Fira to Akrotiri and follow the signs.

Getting to Exo Gialos from Fira is a mile and quarter off, and that means that you may either stick to the signs or by car. The beach is small, but still features many amenities. Aegialos, A neighborhood cafe, serves cocktails that are local and traditional plates up. Deep waters that are tranquil and its sand beaches have the makings of a great romantic daytrip for couples.

Katharos gets the benefit of being the closest shore to Oia. The very best method is to speak with the locals. Leave your vehicle on the face of the paved road and walk down the dirt road that is descending. The shore features no comforts and is covered in stripes beautiful waters, with relatively shallow.

Have a Look at The Greatest Beaches in Rhodes Island, Greece

There is a restaurant near, Katharos — a wonderful place to sip a cup of coffee or have a break from sunbathing to love a hearty meal.

For anyone who have enough patience to seek it outside, Pori is well worth the journey. The clear, shallow waters make people feel at peace. The only means for to Pori is through car and any signs unmark it. Imerovigli is the nearest town to Pori and it’s just over half an hour from Fira. Captain Yannis is now Pori’s token restaurant. It dishes up other favorites and fish.

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Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Flashback Friday: Filming at Old Town Dubrovnik

My Road Trip Route

It’s been a dream of mine for a while to come back to the Balkans since initial traveling through Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia in May 2008. The Balkans have a special place in my own heart to diverse cultures, scenic landscapes, and their Medieval towns. Possibly the aspect about travel into the Balkans is you could experience so much in such a concentrated geographical location. Southeastern Europe is often mistakenly overlooked by travellers too excited to explore only the”big three,” Paris, London, and Rome. Balkan civilizations are varied because of how many civilizations have settled here over time, which translates into a unique mix of gastronomies, architectures, and histories — at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Why Serbia and Bosnia?

My Path — Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Mostar & Banja Luka

Everything you can expect from the trip

Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Balkan Peninsula is made up of several nations, most of which are not really part of the peninsula, but are still lumped in from a perspective. Of them, I will be seeing Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina emerge tomorrow, April 19th. I will be spending three weeks exploring towns, cities, castles, temples, ruins, local food, and museums because of my guidebook and David Here web show collection. Both are my 57th and 58th states, respectively.

Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Serbia has always been on my own bucket list for several reasons (I nearly moved there at one point!) Belgrade is regarded as the”Paris of the Balkans” for its intimate architecture and cultural events. The main reason behind the grandeur comes from the fact that’s was the backing of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. All the money was pumped into revitalizing the city. I’m a history enthusiast, so you may imagine how excited I am to stop by with the birth nation of seven Roman emperors, including Constantine the Great. Serbia also has castles, a lot of wineries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

As it’s a nation coming out from the shadow of a war, bosnia and Herzegovina has been a natural choice. Visitors are offered a different type of European knowledge in the sense of Ottoman-era touches through the food, culture, and architecture by sarajevo. The remainder of the nation follows suit, but contains a number of the continent’s most amazing and interesting Medieval towns . Another highlight is going to be a day at the Christian pilgrimage site of Medjugorje, in which the Virgin Mary regularly appears to traffic.

Anticipate lots of Facebook, gorgeous photos, Instagram, and Twitter upgrades. We’ll be featuring restaurants, resorts, and famous tourist attractions throughout the trip. We will be working hard to bring tons of inspiration and trip ideas, in addition to our subscribers information that is accurate and up-to-date if you choose to investigate both these Balkan nations.

Gearing Up for Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Also we will be creating a post for your own experience collection. Here you may read about our knowledge in Sarajevo.

Peace out from Barcelona!

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The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

Portugal’s monasteries are an essential part of Portuguese culture. Here you’ll learn just a bit about Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaça, and Tomar. Each of these are must-sees if you are led to Portugal!

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

The Monasteries of Portugal


The next part of this Holy Triangle of all cities that are Portuguese is Alcobaça. The conflict was won by afonso Henríques and promised God that he would construct a monastery, and thus proceeded to found the monastery of Alcobaça at 1153. Must-sees incorporate the quarters and also kitchen that is enormous. Spectacular sites include the royal tomb of The Abbey of Santa Maria, and fans Inês p Castro and King Pedro I.


The Abbey is Europe’s Biggest Cistercian temple, in Addition to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Portugal church.

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

It includes seven dormitories, five cloisters, a library and a spectacle of a kitchen. Inside, huge pillars and columns support the nave of this church.



This is surely the one that is most famous. Historical Fátima is famed for being the city where three children allegedly saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary. She is thought to have foretold World War II, Russian communism, and Pope John Paul II’s 1981 assassination attempt. A lot of Fátima’s pilgrims see on May 13th and October 13th, anniversaries of the virgin visits. The city’s architectural jewel is the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

Located in a square twice the dimension of Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, it could accommodate a thousand individuals. The Chapel of the Apparitions homes a number of the Virgin Mary holding the bullet extracted from Pope John Paul II and also sits at a corner of this square.

Launched by King D. João I of Portugal, the town of Batalha is the next member of This Holy Triangle of Portuguese Cities and is chiefly known for the Monastery Santa Maria da Vitória.

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Factors of interest include the towering statues of the apostles at the front portal of this beautiful cathedral, as well as the vaulting of this chapter home that stretches up to 60 feet.

Exterior those monastery that is dominating, you will find quaint shops and restaurants of. Batalha is famous for its craftsmanship. Many souvenirs can be purchased in the Loja do Mundo Rural shop in the tourism department.

Tomar sits on the banks of This Nabão River.

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

The 12th century Templar Castle dominates the town. It was the national headquarters for the Templar Knights during the Middle Ages. Tomar is home to the following UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Convent of Christ, as well as one of Portugal’s oldest synagogues (circa 1430).

After checking out the numerous history Websites of Tomar, head down to the street of Rua Serpa Pinto to Store and snap some photos of São João Baptista’s Church.

Seventeenth-century buildings encircle the town square, on Praça da República.

Have you Seen ant of the monasteries of Portugal?

The Monasteries of Portugal: Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca

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All Weather Backpack by Victorinox

I recently flew to Latvia and Finland, but I would need to brave before I left I looked for an all weather backpack that could withstand the subzero temperatures.  I normally go with a backpack for my laptop and camera equipment. Additionally, it is just easier to maneuver airports around with a backpack and a. For over a decade I have been a fan of this Victorinox Swiss Army brand. They are the first creators of this Swiss Army Knife and now they also make durable and hip travel equipment and bags.

I opted for your trip for the Rath Slim Backpack and it did not disappoint! I am able to say it is the perfect all weather backpack to get somebody who traveled as I do. With 7 pockets, there is room to fit a 17″ notebook, camera lens and body, passport wallet, along with some other personal items.  I was saved by Even the water-repellent zippers in the countryside, in addition to in moist Helsinki. Basically, it’s weather that is ideal.

I Accepted my Rath Slim Backpack.

I loaded it up with equipment but never sensed an backache that was annoying that I’ve gotten along with other backpacks, which means the weight gets evenly distributed and that’s a plus! I got a lot of praise on the back pack from other photographers that are searching for a more trendy alternative to the dull camera bags you see out there. I highly recommend the Roth Slim as an all-weather backpack.

I surfaced for this excursion with Victorinox. All opinions are my own.

All Weather Backpack by Victorinox

Do you travel with a back pack? Which is your favorite brand? Leave us a comment below.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

This past December I base ourselves out of there and decided to take my home. My family is from Citta di Castello, Gubbio and Todi.

Fontana Maggiore

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

Perugia is central, so there’s always something occurring and it is the capital. We rented an Airbnb at the city’s center and from there researched and ate amazing food daily!  Here is our the top 10 things to do in Perugia!

Rocca Paolina

The Fontana Maggiore is a fountain that is located at the central plaza of Perugia. Nicola and Giovanni Pisano built between 1275 and 1278, it. These days, it is among the very distinguished fountains in Italy and is now a sign of Perugia. The gorgeous fountain marks the end of the Roman aqueduct that supplied the city with water for centuries. It has been recently restored, and now you are able to respect it.

Etruscan Well

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Baci Perugina Factory

The building has carvings on the areas that you are able to respect and get a glimpse of life in the Middle Ages, like occupations, months of this calendar year, and signs, as well as statuary of a number of Perugia taxpayers. Additional Bas-relief figurines also mimicked the polygonal basin representing scenes in the Old Testament, Rome’s foundation works and the seven’liberal arts’. There is a lot in this awesome monument of symbolism and history that you shouldn’t overlook.

Etruscan Gate “Augustas”

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

Overlooking Piazza IV Novembre is Perugia’s primitive medieval monument. The Cathedral was constructed between 1345 and 1490 as mentioned at the layers that came into light in a place that has been considered sacred as the archaic age as a replacement of their Romanesque cathedral. It’s titled to San Lorenzo, among the saint patrons of town. The façade is distinguished by a baroque portal by Pietro Carattoli (1729) while the side includes a XVI Century portal by Galeazzo Alessi.

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

The Aqueduct

Proceed inside and behold the arrangement of ancient cathedrals that this building employs. The ceiling has been embellished. At the cathedral are also important works that you can behold like”la Deposizione” by Federico Barocci (1569) and”la Madonna delle Grazie” by G. Di Paolo.

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

Eat at Osteria Priori

The Rocca Paolina is a fortress that was constructed at the behest of Pope Paul II in the 16th century. It was built on the orders of Pope Paul III as a indication of the revived papal dominion and was once a mighty fortress dominating the Perugia skyline. It stands as an interesting remnant of the past of this city. Take the escalator to see what remains of the fortress and the medieval area it was constructed on.

Eat at Bottega del Vino

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Christmas Market

Wander throughout the northwestern streets, in which the houses of the Baglioni family were stand, and soak up the setting that is somewhat spooky. Along with the old neighborhoods and streets, it is possible to still observe the hall of the papal guards, the house of the Baglioni family members and, before exiting at the base of the fortress, the remains of early stone”Sport of Football”, a stage of timber in which the game had been played. That is a civilization attraction, keeping the history and spirit of remarkable changes in the past of Perugia, and a must see!

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

The Etruscan nicely is. It’s situated just off Piazza IV Novembre on Piazza Danti 18.   Its construction dates back to 300 years BC and consequently exhibits the technical knowledge and civic level of the population in the time. The well’s base is covered with travertine, exactly the same material that has been used for the covering of this well.

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

From a Medieval passageway, you can enter and proceed through the nicely on a modern walkway that reveals the thickness of the monument. There are steps that result in a bridge near the base of this well, that offers great views of the interior of the well. If you are a history or architecture lover imagine yourself then you will be amazed by this wonder of technology!

Family or you are a chocolate fan Baci Perugina Factory is essential go if you are together with you! The mill / museum is located at a town named San Sisto. This factory is still an outstanding place where you can go and find all there is to know and love about chocolate and is just one of the highlights of Perugia.

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You will become familiar with more about the origin of its own productions, cacao as well as the chocolate recipes, and you will discover the secrets of the most renowned products of Perugina, like the Baci and far more. You will also know a bit about the chocolates made by Perugina as well as the ones they are producing in the factory now as well as that belong to Nestlé. After viewing the burning machines, mixing vats, etc., you will  then wind up in a little gift store, where you can pick up entertaining Perugina memorabilia and, of course, chocolates.

The Etruscan gate/ arch is located at the Piazza Fortebraccio, also it’s the gate in the northern side of the historic centre. It is the one that has not undergone considerable alterations, although It’s one of 7 gates inside those partitions. 2 sturdy shaped towers that taper upwards to a height f roughly 20m flank the gate. The height of the doorway is about 10 meters high and is formed by a ring of pliers.

It had the words”AUGUSTA PERUSIA” inscribed there in the right time of arming the Perugia municipality. This was to try to remember the war in 40 B.C that was headed by the Emperor Augustus and led in Perugia’s entry to Rome.Therefore, it’s also known as”The Augustas Gate”. There is also the inscription”COLONIA VIBIA”, that destroys the emperor who granted the town the status of colony.

While in Perugia, make sure you enjoy a leisurely walk along the old aqueduct. It’s only a 4 minute walk from Piazza IV Novembre, which is the center of the old town. You can ride a bus into the University of Perugia to acquire access. You can then stroll along the very top of the ancient waterway, which is currently a scenic route that cuts through the center of the old town of Perugia.

It winds between buildings, under archways, for 3 km gateways, and among palaces all outlined by parapets. Weave below the aqueduct to enjoy it from a different angle. Walk slowly to better enjoy the warmth and beauty of this town. You will be given a fantastic view of Perugia by this lane, and you’ll be able to stop under the ancient stone arches that confirmed the waterway for photographs.

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

Osteria A Priori is a stylish restaurant that specializes in new traditional cuisine prepared with ingredients that are seasonal and local wines. It’s located quite near the principal street of Perugia, and for that reason you do not need to get there by car. Take a walk there as you take pleasure in town.

Top 10 Things to Do in Perugia

You can come here to relax as you like yummy Umbrian dishes cooked with care and without frills. They have quite good dessert served in ample portions, and the general ambiance in the area is truly conducive. The staff is friendly, and they have a excellent choice of wines to accompany your meal. You will find around 300 Umbrian labels sampled in the wineries at the regions. You can purchase some and take them along with you.

That is easily among the best restaurants in Perugia. It boasts a superb place and has a good feeling, nice for a day with friends or a date. It’s located in the city next to the main square, overlooking Corso Vannucci, the very well-known street in Perugia. The deco interior is quaint and eclectic.

The restaurant comprises a choice of wines and dishes. Stop for a glass of wine or a plate. The desserts here are just perfect and you are able to ask the waiter for the plate of their afternoon. On Wednesdays, there’s generally some Jazz that make the air more agreeable. Enjoy Bottega del Vino’s comfy environs away from the hustle and bustle of the main plaza, and you will not be disappointed.

In December, Umbria helps you get into the Christmas spirit! The Christmas setting here runs right in December 8th all the way to January 6th. During this period, Christmas markets encircle historic towns of Umbria and the little villages. Perugia is beforehand. The Mercatino at Perugia has for extended and continues to be held at Rocca Paolina. Lately it has also extended to other places like fountain and at Piazza Metteotti.

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There you can discover food and also something that is typical from Sicily like cannoli and aranci ermore. There is also an ice skating platform on the main street Corso Vannucci. Apart from the niches, there are also a couple stalls that showcase decorations and Christmas decorations from Slovakia. Everything in Perugia in these days just invites you to abandon yourself and dip to the Christmas atmosphere.

If you wish to base yourself and are currently thinking of traveling to Umbria, subsequently Perugia is the place strategically so as to be able to take day trips and investigate wineries that are exquisite, most of of the medieval towns and eat truffles nonstop! I suggest that you visit my cousin’s town of Gubbio, along with the town of Assisi as well as these Roman Ruins.

Here are a few wonderful tours we believe you might like!

Chocolate Lovers Full-Day Experience in Perugia

Conventional Home Cooking Class with Lunch at Perugia

Tour of Perugia’s Artisan Craft Shops

Private Walking Tour of Perugia

What do you think of the top 10 things to do in Perugia in the winter? In case you have any recommendations please make us a comment below!

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15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Legend has it that Lisbon’s title originated from a Portuguese word. Featuring multiple architectural designs and nestled at the western border of Europe travelers find Lisbon an ideal place to drop anchor, explore background and sample regional cuisine and its many cobblestone streets.

Top 15 Things You Have to Do in Lisbon

Commerce Square

Day Trips from Lisbon

Elevator of Santa Justa

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Ranked as the world city, Lisbon traces its origins back to the Phoenicians, that settled it. Over time, Christians, Romans, Moors and the Greeks proceeded into, each leaving his particular marks upon the city the western world refers to as Lisbon. Here we explore if time permits, the 15 things you have to do at Lisbon and a few day excursions.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Additional Travel Details

Carmo Convent

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital as well as its biggest city, today. Located on the north banks of the River Tagus to the west coast, Lisbon is called a hub of the arts, international trade, tourism, and finance.  The city has a lot of different neighborhoods to research. Alfama is the historic area of city, the central region of Alcântara hosts much of its nightlife, and Bairro Alto is your entertainment home and shopping district.

Belém Tower

The museums, gardens and parks make Lisbon a must-see that is European. It is also the perfect destination for your nocturnal-loving tourist. The weather in Lisbon makes for the ideal vacation spot with its mild winters and warm summers. For instance, December temperatures average a low of 48 degrees F (9° C) along with a high of 58° F (15° C), together with June averaging a low of 60° F (16° C) along with a high of 76° F (25° C).

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon


Make sure to pay a visit to a local place to experience a little Fado. Along with our list of the 15 things you have to do from Lisbon, we recommend day excursions that are several here which offer the opportunity to soak up the regional Portuguese scene and quaint towns, as well as music.

Pasteis de Belém

The Commerce Square, or Praça do Comércio, is conveniently located in the middle of the city. Visitors will delight in this gorgeous nestled from the Tagus River, offering a view of this water. A statue of King José Ipersonally, in the middle of this square, stands proudly by Machado de Castro. Commerce Square has historical importance to the Portuguese individuals because in 1908 King Carlos I had been assassinated here.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Jerónimos Monastery

Raúl Mesnier du Ponsard, apprentice of Gustave Eiffel (architect of the Eiffel tower), engineered that this epic elevator in 1902. It measures 45 meters in elevation and can carry a maximum of 20 passengers upward from the Baixa (reduced ) quarter to the Barrio Alto quarter. It is constantly on the move within the tower that it is housed in.

Castle of São Jorge

In the top, people have great views of the city of Alfama and the Castle of all São Jorge. The”carmo elevator” as it is called, was declared a national monument in 2002. It is the method for first-time people to get to the Carmo Convent, Though not necessary. A ride costs $5 a individual.

Rua Augusta

You will end up just steps, When you eliminate the lift of Santa Justa at Carmo Square. Knight Nuno Álvares PereiraIt for the Carmelite Order founded it at 1389. The website is open for tourists, although no sisters of the Carmelite Order reside in Carmo Convent. The convent was damaged in the earthquake of 1755, but was partly rebuilt and functioned as a military quarter. Much of the church was left untouched and thus you’ll discover some sections still. Inside there is an archaeological museum housing tombs along with other relics of Portuguese history.

Cathedral of Lisbon

This tower is popularly known as the sign of this city and is located at the mouth of the Tagus River. It was developed in 1515. King John II commissioned it and has been assembled out of limestone mined from areas that were local. Belém Tower functioned as a beginning point for sailors departing for voyages into the blue. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tower’s impressive stonework and detail are worth the trip at Belém to the Avenida da India.


The tower is open October to May from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (last admission at 5 p.m.) and May through September from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (last admission at 6 p.m.) It is closed on Mondays. Entry is $5 per individual, however free on Sundays until two p.m.

Cristo Rei

Opened in 1905, this coffee shop is much more than just a stop for most locals. Their coffee is taken by Even the Portuguese quite badly, and no café may be much more iconic than Brasileira, serving real Brazilian floor. Located in Lisbon’s past quarter, artists and writers like Alfredo Pimenta, Fernando Pessoa and Aquilino Ribeiro frequented this café. It makes for caffeine addicts who love sitting in cafés at which a few fantastic minds of the past got their fixes, especially for a fun trip.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Discoveries Monument

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Lisbon’s version of espresso while here, flavor the Pastel p Belém with a bica. This location is famous for having invented pastry, or the light. The building of this bakery is a old school house, which provides Pasteis de Belém an authentic Portuguese. In addition they make delicious items like English King cake and Queen cake, jam, along with marmalade. Delicious is the best word to describe.

National Coach Museum

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Pasteis de Belém is open October 1st to May 31st from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and June 1st to September 30th from 8 a.m. to midnight. Open daily.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Cabo da Roca and Azenhas do Mar



Rua de Belém, 84


1300 Lisbon, Portugal


Even the Jerónimos Monastery called Hieronymites Monastery, is. It took 50 years of building to fill out the monastery which was originally meant to commemorate Vasco da Gama’s roundtrip ship to India. This is just another UNESCO World Heritage Site, also consists of the Church of Santa Maria and the monastery itself. The monastery was abandoned unharmed after the 1755 earthquake, so which makes it a real testament of American background that was longstanding.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

The monastery is open October to May from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (last admission at 5 p.m.) and May through September from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (last admission at 6 p.m.) It is closed on Saturdays. Entry is $7 per individual, however free on Sundays until two p.m.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Perched on the hill is the Castle of São Jorge, which overlooks the city of Lisbon and also goes back to medieval times. The castle has been used to safeguard the city toward the end of the 12th century. Guests can learn more about cannons, gardens, along with the patio . The Castle of all São Jorge is among the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

The castle open March through October 9% to 9 p.m. and November during February 9% to 6 rebounds Admission is $7.50.

Called the most famous pedestrian walkway in Lisbon, the Rua Augusta is the ideal locale to grab a bite to eat or pick up souvenirs or any postcards. Here people will find merchandise including flowers, handbags, shoes, musical instruments and a lot more. The street sellers are known for getting interesting knickknacks which produce the Rua Augusta a fun detour from the historic sites.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Another gorgeous highlight of Lisbon is. Its features a large, circular window and porch. Legend has it that the palace was initially a mosque, when Crusaders defeated Lisbon converted into 1147. Even the 14th century sacristy in the cathedral holds arts and relics which history fans will certainly enjoy.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

There’s absolutely not any admission fee, but to go to the cloister prices $1.50.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

This contemporary aquarium is a cab ride from Lisbon. It is a favorite destination with more than one million visitors per year! Even the Oceanario has one tank at its centre. In addition, it houses numerous smaller tanks which have different sea creatures like stingrays, barracudas, instruction fish and sharks. Make sure you experience amazing creatures and the design at this popular Lisbon destination. This is a excellent place to get the kids or the kid at you.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

The Oceanario is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in summer and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in winter. Entry is $16.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Monument to Christ, or cristo Rei, was built to thank God for having helped Portugal avoid entering World War II. It is located in the town of Almada. Visitors of Cristo Rei will notice that the monument appears quite familiar. That’s because the one constructed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil inspired it. The base at approximately 270 ft in the air, the maximum point of the construction, may be reached by elevator and provides an incredible view of also the 25 de Abril Bridge along with the city. A fast ferry ride from the Cais do Sodre Station will take people to buses which will escort them.

This monument honors the anniversary of the death of Prince Henry the Navigator. Depict famous Portuguese explorers, of whom is feminine, just one. The monument is located on the north shore of the Tagus River.

Royalty need to get around too, and this tradition (located at Praça Afonso de Albuquerque, Belém) reveals how trendy travel by coach can be. The museum houses the world’s biggest set of ceremonial cars and is Lisbon museum. It is at Belém’s Royal Palace in the Royal Riding School. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Entry is $5; complimentary admission on Sundays and bank holidays until two p.m.

The town of Cabo da Roca stays. It is the point not including the island nations of United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland. This cape region has a pathway for people to walk, plus also there currently standing describes that you are a sign on the tip of the continent. It is the best spot for a photograph when overlooking the turquoise waters, documenting your trip. Surfers and swimmers alike will find opportunity among the most well-known beaches in the Lisbon region that is coastal, at Praia Grande.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

After seeing Cabo da Roca, continue north to the quiet town of Azenhas do Mar.. Before getting there, you will strike mirador, or a lookout spot, where you are able to park your car and walk along to catch the best views of the town. The town of Azenhas do Mar doesn’t have much other. While I was still there, which gave me the impression it is similar to a ghost town during 26, I see or didn’t hear 1 individual. Any time of year this peninsula provides a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean out of Europe’s west shore. Houses perch atop a hill overlooking waves crashing below. The restaurant by the identical title, Azenhas do Mar, received the nod of”best seafront dining on earth” by Monocle Magazine at 2010.

The town of Cascais is 20 minutes west of Lisbon and does not need driving on a street. The best method to get to Cascais is by choosing Marginal de Cascais (Av Marginal). You will get the opportunity to experience the gorgeous shore, which is pleasant round sunset, by driving down this road. Additionally, there are many beaches along the way for people who want a refreshing swim during the warmer months. I am reminded by the quaint town of Cascais of the Italian fishing village, however with vibrant colors. Even the Fortaleza do Guincho restaurant is located west of Cascais almost at Cabo do Roca.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Cascais offers restaurants and shopping, but in the event you would rather soak up some culture, spy on the robust auction of the grab of this day held every afternoon. Or include sailing, golfing and surfing to your itinerary while. Factors of interest in Cascais include the farol, or lighthouse, Carcavelos and Tamariz beaches and delectable eateries along the Atlantic shore.

Mafra is. It is possible to get to the town by forcing 30 minutes northwest of Lisbon. The giant palace is miniature in size, which overwhelms mafra itself. It was built by king John V to his wife Queen Mary Anne of Austria. One would think that a building like this will be appropriate for a king, but the imperial pair used it as a residence. The property went on to serve as a Franciscan monastery during 18th century, and has been declared a national monument in 1907. The palace features 154 staircases, 1,200 rooms, 29 courtyards, 4,700 windows , a gigantic library plus an impressive 880 halls. Additionally, there are two bell towers, a royal basilica, along with a former royal hunting ground. Enormous and opulent are. A guided tour is a informative and handy way to experience the palace. The tour takes guests through the library, which holds an volumes and queen’s separate apartments on the second floor and also through the king.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

For Its restoration of Its Own basilica’s six organs , the Mafra National Palace won the European Union Prize in 2012.

The prize recognizes excellence in cultural heritage conservation. The palace will be open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (last entry at 4:30 p.m.) daily except Tuesday. The Basilica is open daily from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is $1, but can be free on Sundays and public holidays till 2 p.m.

A drive west through the Sintra mountains will bring visitors to the imperial, although tiny town of Sintra. The town is famous for its 8th and 9th century imperial retreats, palaces and estates, all of which landed sleepy Sintra around the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Even the Castelos dos Mouros (Moorish castle), Sintra National Palace and Pena National Palace are three of the town’s stone. Visitors can walk along the whole length of the wall surrounding the Moorish castle. I was astonished that it had been built. It is definitely one of my favorite castles that I managed to view from Portugal. Sintra National Palace is your best-preserved medieval palace from the country. This 15th century attractiveness is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Admission is $9.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Pena National Palace sits proudly on a summit and boasts Romantic elements, like ramparts, turrets, a drawbridge and intricate, magnificent stonework throughout. It is one of Europe’s most temples — a must-see ranked up there together with the Bavarian fairytale fortresses of Germany. It is also considered to be among the seven wonders of Portugal. Pena Park and also a 500-acre plot of dense vegetation which has several plant species including magnolia trees and the North American sequoia surrounds it. The palace will be open daily from 9:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (last entry at 6:15 p.m.). Entry for the inside of this palace is $13.50. Tickets for the palace, park and exterior terraces are also offered.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Time zone: GMT +1

Getting around: Even though Lisbon sits atop seven hills, the city is easy to navigate. Its streets are laid out on a simple grid, and public transportation includes buses, trams (easy to spot in their own eye-popping yellow cubes ), trains and also an global airport. Local transportation is more efficient and allows for traveling across the city and to surrounding areas. The narrow and steep streets of Lisbon will give your legs a work out, therefore pack comfortable walking shoes , if you decide to walk.

Even though Lisbon is a city that is walking, there is also the Lisbon Metro subway system that is trusted. It is constituted of four lines and also has more than 50 channels around Lisbon and its outskirts. The Metro operates from 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. every day, with a few trains ending service at 1%. A Metro ride will run you roughly $.90 to $2, depending on where you would love to proceed. Metro cards price $.50, are rechargeable and are available at each of the channels. Lisbon also includes bus and street tram services. Marques de Pombal Square, figueira Square and Sete Rios will be the three significant bus terminals of the city.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Shopping: Baixa (downtown district) contains boutiques and smallish shops. Rua Áurea (gold road ), Rua Augusta and Rua da Prata (silver road ) will be the city’s main shopping streets. There are lots of charming specialty shops in the region such as Luvaria Ulisses (gloves) and also Confeitaria Nacional (bakery/café) which are over 100 years old and worth a trip. Avenida da Liberdade has designer shops like Burberry and Louis Vuitton. Feira da Ladra is the flea market of Lisbon. It is held Tuesdays and Saturdays from the Alfama quarter.

Hours of operation: Average hours of operation will be from 9 a.m. — 1 p.m. and out of 3 p.m. — 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9 a.m. — 1 p.m. Museums are closed on Saturdays.

Nightlife: The Bairro Alto quarter has numerous bars and Fado venues. The dock area of Santo Amaro has cafés restaurants, bars and late-night nightclubs overlooking the marina. Most nightlife venues close between 2am and 4am.

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Nearest airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS)

15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon

Getting there: There are several daily flights into Lisbon. We advocate Flighthub as a means to compare flight fares and book cheap flights to Lisbon. We checked the results and there have been several flights from Madrid London, Paris and New York. To learn more about how to utilize travel programs to be made by FlightHub check out the FlightHub review.

Best time to Visit March through October

Currency: euro (€)

Multi-entry pass: The Lisboa Card offers discounted or free admission to more than 80 Lisbon museums and landscapes. Cardholders also receive transportation over public buses, the Metro, trams and elevadores. This city pass is valid for one year from the time of purchase and is currently readily available for various lengths of time: $18.50 for 24 hours; $31.50 for 48 hours and $39 for 72 hours.

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15 Things You Must Do in Lisbon