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Wild Willy’s Airboat Tours

Granada’s Alhambra

I went with an huge bowl of soy ramen that came with eggs at a thin broth made out of soybeans and legumes using Iberian pork a nice yolk; blossom; and onions. The oyster odor wafting up from the batter was divine, and its pungent flavor paired with all the soy.

Day Trip to the Ming Tombs

Camel Beach got its name for the large rock on the shoreline, which, when viewed from the sea, resembles a camel. The waters are calm and ideal for swimming if you do not mind that they are a little cold. The beach itself is somewhat off the grid, though there is nearby parking and a few beach chairs with shading umbrellas. 

#1 – Prep Your Own Meals

La Pedrera was one of Gaudi’s major projects commissioned by Pere Milà i Camps. This home, like all of his designs, boasts some pretty unusual characteristics. The wave-like walls seem to loosely envelope the building’s towering five stories. Oriented around two rounded courtyards, the structure incorporates stone, brick, and cast-iron columns. The upper-level of the house is covered in white tile, making it reminiscent of snow covered rolling hills. A visit inside reveals a number of luxurious treasures, including an interior courtyard and staircase with roof access.

Spoil Your Taste Buds

At the very least, they’ve seen the Biltmore’s signature Moorish Giralda tower peering through the canopies of Coral Gables.

Spoil Your Taste Buds

Theater of Epidavros

The columns of the Imperial Palace are not completely original, but they were erected to give visitors an idea about how the atrium once looked. David also tours the remains of a temple dedicated to Jupiter, public bath complex, palace gates, and walls.

Visit Etyeki’s Sparkling Wine City

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