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Five of the Thai Beaches

Thailand boasts millions of tourist flock into this country every year to enjoy these sites, and a world of treasures waiting to research. Thanks to the proud and countries heritage that is rich civilization Thailand holidays offer no lack of things do and to see.

Kata Noi Beach

Five of the Thai Beaches

Phra Nang Beach

That being said there is nothing wrong with wanting to do a bit less, and fortunately Thailand is the spot to do that too.

Mae Nam

With some of the most finest beaches in the entire world, a trip to Thailand provides an unbeatable way. To help you here are just five of the county’s finest.

Sunrise Beach

Located to the island of Phuket, Kata Noi Beach is a tropical haven that is surprisingly quiet. With beautifully blue, clear calm waters and subtropical shore views from the night, this remains one of the finest beaches of Phuket.

Five of the Thai Beaches

Nai Harn Beach

Offering the picture-perfect vision of a Thai beach, Phra Nang Beach is usually regarded as one the top ten from the term . The mix of warm shallow waters as well as the breath taken stone formations makes this a must visit into the nation for any holiday makers. The equally amazing Railay Beach is a stone’s throw.

Mae Nam beach provides a scenic and scenic four-mile stretch of beach. The beach is located on the island of Ko Samui. That’s away from the audiences it’s the beach to its place.

Five of the Thai Beaches

Located on the small island of Ko Lipe, the aply called Sunrise Beach is a beauty spot worth traveling for. It is one of the top places to watch the sunset at the whole of Thailand, and it’s a popular snorkeling spot as the name suggests,

There are loads of activities to enjoy with this sheltered beach. The bay contains a selection of restaurants to choose from just the shore also itself has been famous with ships and luxury yachts. Located in the southern tip of Phuket, the beach also makes a wonderful base to explore the remainder of the island from, and has numerous first-class hotels to choose from.

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